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Sonic Unleashed...It's not that bad

Lately I've been oddly drawn to the mysterious mediocrity of Sonic Unleashed. I picked the game up for 12.95 on clearance at my local Target, and I figured at that price it was worth trying. For weeks it was on my shelf unopened, and for some reason I had a craving to play a platformer that has be beaten down from every critic I know. As I put the game in I was immediately impressed by the high production values, and wonderful CG cut scene in the beginning.

As I continued the first day time level was pretty cool and it felt like old Sonic but I find it near impossible to play to perfection due to the too fucking fast gameplay. I was in need for a slowdown and boy did I get it. As I started the warehog levels that I heard so much about I thought "well they're not too bad" the combat does it's job well (not great) and the platforming was just what the game needed. The slower pace worked except for the fact that the level lasted a half hour. Then I started dying on this one part in spagiongia. I have to climb tis clock tower, wich cold've ended  like three times, though it just kept on going and going and going. It's as if the developers forgot what work they have done on the level and just kept on adding to it. I realized I wasn't dying becasue I sucked at the game, it was the games falut for making weird camera angles and bad platforming. Yet I still want to continue for some weird masocistic reason I'm attracted to this game. I want to keep playing, but I know I will break at some point. For the moment "It's not that bad".