The Feeling - Introduction

I think it's safe to say that I got a love for old games that I used to play "back in the day". Some people refer to it as nostalgia, I however like to call it "The feeling". Alright alright, it boils down to the same, but let me give you a short runthrough of what it's all about anyways.

We all know how it is to pick up a game you once loved to death and play it all over again, just to experience that the nostalgia/feeling have gone. Suddenly you realise that this wasn't everything you made it up to be in the first place and puts it back on the shelf where it probably belongs. While these games might not nessecarily be all that great, you still got those sweet memories of em' buried within you. For me those games are the one that matters the most and it's those games I would rather have on my shelf than any others. Most of them are mainly from my childhood while others are pretty new, but they're few and far between unfortunately.

While many of them literally sucks when you look at them from a reviewing perspective, and the 'greatness' you saw in them when you were young, were mainly because you were... well, young, do they still hold a place in your heart (tissues please). That's what The Feeling is all about! And that's what I love from gaming. To get an cool, awesome or maybe even thrilling moment that you won't just forget like that. May it be a story, music, character or whatever you might fall for is one thing true, they're all potential ingredients in "The Feeling".

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But haven't you heard all this before?!? Why does he keep blabling about this oversensitive "The Feeling"? hah, what's up with that name anyway? Yea well, I actually understand if that's what you're thinking, but hey, that's the kinda stuff I love to write about and the way I want to go with this blog. I want you all to know that these series of blog's will be written mainly for my own sake. It's a thing I've wanted to do for a long long time, but you're more than welcome (and I would love that) to drop by and eventually leave a comment if it's of any interest.

I've been thinking bout' putting this whole thing into a timeline and sorta make a "review of my life" as an gamer from my first years when I got an Nintendo Gameboy in christmas present all the way back in the early 90's to today where I own most of the next gen consoles. At the moment am I sitting here with a list of over 50 games that have given me the nostalgia trip, and putting them into some sort of timeline would be near impossible. What I'm gonna do instead is take a game from it, once in a while whenever I feel for it, and give you a little information not only about the game, but also about my history with it.
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