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    Always appreciate the shoutouts on these thanks Marino!

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    Top 100 Souls Boss Battles

    Demon's Souls is inarguably one of the most impactful games over the past 15 years. I'd even argue it's the greatest game of all time. Sure, its successor Dark Souls got a lot more attention, even spa...

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    The game that refused to just end.My take away from the Joel/Ellie Flashback at the end of the game is that Ellie finally forgave Joel through "forgiving" Abby. Her revenge quest was less about vengea...

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    A Doom Clone Attacked with Star Wars Authenticity

    Since its release in 1993, id Software’s Doom has spawned many imitators. While Star Wars: Dark Forces is another one, it brings just enough more to the table to keep the genre moving forward. I...