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My Holiday shopping season has begun...

Just preordered Fable 2, Little Big Planet, and the WoW Lich King expasion off of amazon, each with release date delivery so i'll get each one on the day they come out.

But, ive still got plenty of games i plan on getting this holiday season, which include:

Call of Duty World at War, Far Cry 2, Guitar Hero World Tour, Fallout 3, Red Alert 3, Left 4 Dead, Resistance 2, and SOCOM Confrontation (which is out tuesday! woo!)s...

theres soo many games coming out this fall/winter, im not gonna have enough time to play them each for very long, that and i will probably go broke almost.. ..*sigh* why must this happen every year? so many good games, yet not quite enough time to play through them all fully

and yes, i already pre-ordered gears 2 back in august, off of amazon as well, i so had to get that lancer that comes with it, probably dont need it, but it looked so cool!

Once we get into '09 things should calm down for awhile, which should give me some time to enjoy all the ones ive bought and will buy in the coming months