I don't want to find you.

Late to the party, I picked up Battlefield bad Company to see what all the fuss was about before BBC:2 comes out. For the most part I'm having fun blowing the shit out of shit and stabbin' dudes. But it's taking me hours and hours and hours to finish to single player campaign. It's not because of the difficulty, or a glitch or something; its the damn pause screen gloating that I still have 2 collectibles and three Gold left to find on this map. 
And so i feel forced to play with a map and FAQ open on my computer, constantly interrupting ht e flow of the game to back- and side-track to go find these hidden littel boxes, that have no real in-game reward. I hate myself because of it, and don't really want to keep playing.

The All-mighty Agility orb
The All-mighty Agility orb
Its making me almost fear Crackdown 2 coming out with its Agility Orbs, those damn, dirty orbs
I just don't see why sandbox game style needs collection items. I still have a printed checklist from GTAIII that only have 99 check marks on it. Sure its something else to go do, and there are sometimes rewards, but not equaling the frustration and time spent. Do developers get a bonus check for every extra hour I spend diggin through a city shooting pigeons?  

Here's my humble request for collection items, if they must be included. 
  • No more than two types of collectible, stunt-able or shoot-able object.
  • Total of less than 50
  • No items that are missable during boss fights, QTE, or other events where you really shouldn't fuck with the  immersion by having the player stop and pick a fucking daisy.
  • Have tangible in-game rewards for collection, besides Trophy/achievements, but not so much as to unbalance the game wither way. 
  • Don't place them in areas as the only carrot for the player to visit that area. If there is nothing else to do there, don't waste the resources. 
  • Do give some in-game indicator of where they are.
  • Again, if the player has to stop to read a faq every 2 minutes to avoid replaying an entire game just for some shit pokemons , you're doing it wrong.