Computer vs. 360

I've been having a hard time trying to decide between playing The Old Republic on my PC and a multitude of games that I have on my 360... I have a huge backlog of 360 games plus the new games coming out and recent season of releases, not to mention my Wii (Skyward Sword) and the small backlog of PS2 and PS3 games I have. Balance all that with a wife and 4-year-old son, (and school, finishing up my last few semesters at ASU) and you can see my problem. Here's to hoping that I can get time to do it all, at least at some point.


Nightly thoughts

Stay up and play inFamous 2 until an ungodly hour, or just a reasonable time and wake up in time to get to class (7:30am summer school)? Decisions, decisions...


DC reboot influencing games?

Just wondering if DC will try to get new games out reflecting their changing up continuity in ALL their books. I think they might, but right now, Arkham Asylum is big for them, and the rest are based on either movies or television shows. Could be interesting to see what would happen if video game companies got to choose where the character went, rather than following a set arc of comics, etc.


E3 day 1

E3 is like Christmas-come-early, except you know what you want, but not necessarily when it will come out... Sometimes it's difficult to wait for games that they announce but that don't come out for another year or more.