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Armored Core V Live Demo Videos

 Armored Core V Live Demo Banner - Created by Me (MrXD)
 Armored Core V Live Demo Banner - Created by Me (MrXD)
UPDATE: There's gonna be another live demo tomorrow, will post more information soon.

For the last 3 weeks the Famitsu website brings us three live demo for the game, Armored Core V. FromSoftware shows us the new gameplay and features for Armored Core V, the demo was great, I see some new things that wants me to but this game (really, i do!).
The videos underneath was recorded by Cleric, you can help him by subscribing his Youtube channel and thanking him for uploading the Armored Core V Live videos.

Armored Core Live Demo Reboot

AC Viewer

Description: In this video, they show us some changes with the viewer for your AC. One of them is that you can see different types of animation of your AC, like one is walking, boosting, and deploying sniper mode with a sniper weapon. Watch the video for yourself and see.
Interesting: What's interesting about this video is the deploying animation mode for your long range sniper and changing weapons with the hanger unit on your AC shoulder.

Single Player Demo (Part 1)

Description: Now, something more interesting, the gameplay of Armored Core V. This is the first part of two parts video, what are you seeing is nothing much, just walking around, shooting and stuff. But it will pick up later in this video.
Interesting: The cool and new thing for Armored Core is the wall jump, your AC can now wall jump off from building to keep you afloat. And the overboost and quickboost is still back, awesome. :)  Other thing to is another new feature is the scanning mode, see for yourself.

Note: By looking at this video, the player who's playing the AC doesn't know whats he's doing, so just hold on for Part 2 (underneath this video).

Single Player Demo (Part 2)

Description: This video is a MUST see video, we're now getting to more AC action! The other player give his controller to one of the games designer (i think) and started playing like a boss. Lots of flying, shooting and wall jumping, pretty awesome.

Operator View

Description: Now we can get to some multiplayer match, we don't get to see other AC fight each other, but to look at the Operator Mode for a mode called "Conquest" (i think, not really sure).
Interesting: You can play as the leader and tell your teammate what to do and etc.

Armored Core Live Demo Reboot (Extended 1)

Heavy Biped AC Viewer

Description: Nothing much for this video, just another AC viewer for the heavy biped AC and some animation, nothing much. If you want some gameplay with this AC, watch under this video.

Heavy Biped AC Gameplay

Description: All you see for this is the same level area with the same enemy. But with some gameplay with the heavy biped AC, jumping, overboost, nothing really new.

Armored Core Live Demo Reboot (Extended 2)

Quad AC Viewer & Gameplay

Description: Your looking at another AC viewer and gameplay with the Quad AC, the viewer shows some animation of the Quad Leg and an pretty cool AC deploying animation. For the gameplay, we get to see the sniper mode for the sniper weapon, the camera views the sight of the sniper and started shooting some target.

Tank AC Viewer

Description: The last two AC viewer for the demo, the video showing the Tank AC with one new weapon on both arms of the AC. Not really sure what they called but they fires Gatling-like-spread gun (that you can see that for the "Tank AC Gameplay" underneath.)

Tank AC Gameplay

Description: The last two video for the Armored Core V live demo, we're get to see the gameplay for the Tank AC. The gameplay is slow, cause it's a Tank, shooting targets with the spread-machine gun and, of will find out yourself. And one of the parts of the video you can see the editing mode for the emblem (not really sure what they called, and I might forgot what video did they show the emblem mode, sorry XD).
Interesting: The double kill AC charge attack at the end.

Deployable Missile Launcher Gameplay

Description: The final video for the Live Demo, we get to see a new and returning weapon for the Armored Core series, the deployable weapons (only missile deployment). The AC their using is the same type of AC for the first video, but with few replacement. As the video plays, they deployed this "deployment missile" turret on the ground and started firing missiles at any target that's near for them. 
Interesting: The deployments are back!
Well that's it for the live demo, hope you like it and post your comment below for anything about the live demo, whats your thoughts on Armored Core V.
PS: Sorry for spelling and grammars, I was bum rushing this blog post XD

Armored Core Tribute Album

Today I recently found out that OverClocked ReMix created a tribute album for Armored Core. I read the news at Mecha Damashii saying that the album started when the composer, Mattias Häggström Gerdt, started his first taste of the series on Armored Core 4. Mettias explored the rest of the series and became a huge fan of the varied musical styles that are contained within the game. (you will find the news here, it's old btw)

   THE ANSWER - Armored Core Tribute Album
 THE ANSWER - Armored Core Tribute Album

THE ANSWER is the 21st album published by OverClocked ReMix. The album has about 11 tracks by Mattias Häggström Gerdt,15 songs are used from different installment of the franchise; for example, track one start up with a piece from Silent Line and transitions to another from part 4. Also features five vocalists like Jillian Aversa and Deia Vengen. The album was made as a tribute to Kota Hoshino and From Software sound team.
Here's a trailer for you to watch: 
And a list of all songs they have on the album:
  1. Morning, Thinker
  2. Twisted on the Surface
  3. Apex in TECHNO
  4. RAY of Speed
  5. Shining Highway
  6. Hyper Monkey Likes the Dancefloor
  7. Dropping Atoms
  8. Death to the King
  9. We Can See No.373
  10. Over the Pain
  11. Goodbye, Thinker
Also there a free download that you can download for free!
And for bonus, listen to all songs on the album:

Dear Diary of Awesomeness!

My day was good, I hope the day was awesome but I will make it through. School is a pain in the ass, pretty much the same thing like the others day but I doing good for school. In the online gaming, I'm different from others, I played good, I feel the best I ever have and this will be my time to shine! (not really xP) My family is good, I'm doing good and I hope the future will be good as well. I'm started to think that my mind is going crazy up there, thinking that "This will happen!" or "Someting is going to appear!" or maybe "This girl is your hope!"  but I will flush them out soon or later by gaming or listening to music.

As always diary, I'm going the best I could ever do and I hope this will end soon. So diary, "I will see you in the Future!" 

Later XD, MrXD