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My History as an European Gamer

My history as an European Gamer is the same as the vast majority of gamers who live in Europe. We are trashed by the big companies… let me explain how.

You know that awesome game called Rock Band!? Well, I do know that it exists because of game sites… American websites… here in Europe every month this game is coming “next month”… for 249€… that’s like 400 bucks… yup, like a PS3 in America! Because in Europe, the cheapest PS3 sells at about 399€, or 635 US dollars!!! WTF!

I don’t really know if life is more expensive in Europe but the prices of not just platforms, even games itself are a LOT more expensive. Take GTA IV, selling at 59.95$ in Best buy ( that’s like 37€, right? ) in Europe, it’s 69.95€ (111$!!!!!). Last month I didn’t understand a thing, I bought MLB The Show for the PS3 and shipped home for  47€… I mean, this game doesn’t exist in Spain at least, but 47€ seems like a fair price!!!

And now release dates… we had to wait 6 months minimum for the NES or the SNES or the Genesis… but now all the companies tell us about “World Release” and in most cases, we have to wait a lot, even now in the 21 century!! Only GTA IV or MGS4 did what they were supposed to do, a world release. Sony’s PS3!? 6 months. XBOX360? 4 months… and so on…

I should move to the States, anyone willing to adopt me!?

Shalom J