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Been awhile...

...but it feels good to be back bloggin' and shit. I've been pretty busy with a lot of stuff; graduating high school, transition into college, job, everything. But that hasn't stopped me from playing some kick-ass games.

But first I want to talk about where I'll be in the fall. I'm going to the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) for News-Editorial Journalism. I can't help but think back to Gamespot, listening to the Hotspot, watching On the Spot, to the Bombcast and MK Skrub League, Jeff and the crew's brand of journalism has certainly inspired me to write. Someday, I could be at Giantbomb or CNN. It's gonna be a ride.

Giantbomb has never been better. The MK Skrub League was amazing, needs to happen again. The Quick Looks, reviews, Bombcasts, I continue to enjoy this website more and more. Keep it up!

I could write more, but it's a nice day out. Time for me to toss the frisbee for a bit.

Until next time.

New COD? No way, never, nope...wait that looks pretty cool.

When Call of Duty: Black Ops was first announced, I was ready to throw my MW2 game out the window (Sometimes, I still want to). I wanted nothing to do with COD. I have experienced the MW2 that no one likes. Hackers, cheaters, and just plain cheapness. But, enough of the negativity. The brand new BO (heh BO) multiplayer trailer is really interesting. Have a looksie if you haven't yet.  



Ahhhhh. So refreshing. It seems like it is shaping up to be a nice change of pace for the COD franchise. The currency system, unique wager matches, character customization (emblem creator seems neat), theater mode. I'm sure I've missed some, but all of these just reassure the fact that Treyarch is making some big changes. Wishful thinking: No Noobtube.  
Hopefully, on November, we can enjoy a COD game worthy of the name. 

Feeling like I'm back!

I'm going to be more frequently on here, got a lot of games that I'm picking up for Xmas that I gotta catch up on. The main ones I'll be talking about in the coming days are...

  • Borderlands
  • Assassins Creed 2
  • Dragon Age: Origins
I also got a nice new flat screen for my room, I'll get a pic up of my new set up.
Feels good to be back!

Summer games/New Poster

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Like it?

I am currently waiting for Battlefield: 1943, I can't wait for it.  I'll have a review/impressions when I get ahold of it.

About the rant  on my last blog, it was very misleading and i apologize for that.  It was, overall, a shitty blog. I'll avoid those for awhile.

E3 2009: Amazing, with a few hiccups

Don't let the title mislead you, it was an amazing E3, with a few hiccups that i thought...sucked.

  • MICROSOFTS GAMES ON DEMAND FEATURE:  This actually seems like a really cool feature and I like that Microsoft is picking up on some of the succeses that Steam has seen with online distribution of games. But there's one problem that Xbox's have with donwloading large amounts of content. SPACE. 360 hard drives are fucking expensive and only don't offer that much space compared to how cheaply hard drive space is offered to PS3 users. Lets fix this yo.
  • LEFT 4 DEAD 2:   Hey Valve, you do have a really awesome IP called Half Life...Ever heard of it?  Why not let this EXPANSION be downloadable? It's only new characters and new campaigns. It really seems like a ripoff.
  • FINAL FANTASY 14/MGS:R:   I personally just think this exclusivity war is bullshit.  I mean, its what makes consoles different and what makes companies money. Microsoft has Halo, Sony has MGS, Nintento has Mario (very broad, just giving simple examples).  It's when companies try to out-exclusive the other is when it makes me mad.  Which brings me to Final Fantasy 14.  13 was just announced and soon to be realeased and they have already decided to create FF14 (online) exclusive to Sony.  Right when a FF game gets to MSoft, another exclusive gets to Sony.  It's like a slap in the face with a cold, cold sausage to MSofts pale face.
  • NATAL/SONY'S MOTION THING:   Why is this a selling point? Just bring me games and a controller. I don't need a little boy companion or a light up dildo.

These are the only things that really made me mad at E3.  Otherwise, I really like all the games that I've seen.  Uncharted 2 and Splinter Cell have fucking blown my mind.  I was personally about to never go back to splinter Cell ever again, but Conviction really makes me want to check it out. The Uncharted 2 demo was amazing, simply amazing.  

Long time no blog...

But I am back for a quick update.

I've been super busy with baseball, AP testing, and finals altogether, so I have not been able to get this blog going very well. Thus leading into my next discussion...

I have Twitter! Follow Me! mussbus999!

I'm also getting an iphone soon.

Good blog eh?

One love,


New Games and DLC!

Some new things have arrived into my game library and my wallet seems a little lighter.... One of them being F.E.A.R. 2 and the new GTA IV DLC The Lost and the Damned.

I'll go ahead and start off with my first impressions with FEAR 2.  I'm really not that impressed with it so far.  The campaign doesn't seem to scare me all that much, which is odd becau se I'm kind of a scaredy cat.  Also, compared to the first FEAR, the combat seems...different.  In the first FEAR, there was this awesome feeling when you ran up to an enemy in slo-mo and shot him in the face with a shotgun and watched him fly around like a ragdoll.  In FEAR 2, the combat seems a little more like Call Of Duty instead of having that unique FEAR flavor.  When I say COD, I mea n something like less inside office buildings and tactical.  All in all, It just doesn't appeal to me that much.


Next up, GTA IV DLC.  That's alot of caps, ha.  But this is what I'm really pshyched for.  I pre-ordered mine on (free 3 months of live if you preorder =])  and Feb 17 sim ply can not come any faster.  New multiplayer modes, new guns, new cars, new bikes, new awesome story, new music.  I mean, why should'nt I buy this DLC? Anyone else excited for this?

EDIT: Not to mention, FREE L4D DLC!!! Do I need to say more?

School is school.  Who wants to hear about that anyways?

But yeah, I'll be back with GTA IV DLC impressions when I get some good play time.  And sorry for the toatally confusing FEAR 2 impressions, all I can say is that it just doesn't appeal haha.

Peace out all,