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Engaging story with great gameplay. 0

  Tim Schafer created a highly immersive world within Psychonauts. At first, the graphical and artistic style is somewhat strange, but it quickly becomes the only face that one could accept with the content of the game. Trying to imagine any other style is difficult, and frankly, unnecessary. The game begins with Razputin sneaking in to a psychic summer camp, and events quickly escalate from that point forward. Psychic abilities start out slowly, but the quickly gain in power...

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An awesome ride of shield-bashing bliss. 0

 When I first began playing Urban Chaos: Riot Reponse, I didn't have many expectations. I had heard from some people that the game was good, and more importantly, a lot of fun. What I didn't understand at the time was just how much fun the game would be. The first level served as a brief introduction to some of the more basic gameplay elements, easing the player into the format of the game. However, when I first got to pick up the riot shield, and blocked the first bullet, I was hooked. T...

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An exciting twist of novel gameplay in the platformer genre. 0

 When a game has a word such as 'voodoo' within its title, there comes to be certain expectations that the player has. Voodoo Vince does a great job of incorporating the idea of a voodoo doll into the gameplay and the story. The premise is fairly straightforward: a magically challenged wizard of sorts by the name of Kosmo the Inscrutable kidnaps Madam Charmaine, and during the process, spills a lot of her zombie dust, the substance that provides her magical powers. The spill awakens her t...

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