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Classically scary... 0

What I remember about this game is the "ringing silence" that still creeps me out...I love scary stuff but I never thought that this game would haunt me for real! I just witnessed this from my cousins house being played by my uncle, and this game was one of his favorites...He told us one day that he tried to play this at midnight, alone in the living room with all lights out and the only thing that was running was his PS and the T.V. with a medium volume...about 2:30am, he heard a scratching sou...

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How to get a Yin or Yang without bloodshed... 0

You could already obtain Yin or Yang even if you're still in your base...only a few selected units can help you get a Yin or Yang (except peasants & Heroes)...most of the Yin and Yang can be gained in shallow waters, rocks/stones, trees or even in the dirt... :D...

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