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Why did I just save over my game complete file?

There are no spoilers for The Last of Us here.

I just saved over my game completed file on the last of us with my new game plus file. I'm pissed off. Why give me that option? I hate the way the ps3 handles saves sometimes. This is the same thing that happened to me with Yakuza 3. Infamous also had a weird way of saving games. It asks you if you’re sure or something. Long story short, I was close to completing the first infamous 100% and I accidentally saved over my good file with my evil file. My evil file was only something like 33% done… Unfortunately, that little mishap kept me from ever going back to that game. I will probably never go back to Yakuza 3 as well. Hopefully the same thing won't happen with The Last of Us. Why give me an option to save over a completed game file when I start a new game plus? The damn game should just start a new save file on its own! WTF!? Now all of my statistics are reset! 22 hours worth of game info gone! I am really frustrated with this little mishap.


So I Just Watched Room 237: Loved it

Hey Giant Bomb. I consider myself quite the movie buff, and when I heard Patrick mention the documentary "Room 237" in a recent Bombcast I was extremely interested. Stanly Kubrick is without a doubt one of the most (if not the most) incredible filmmakers of all time. As a Kubrick fan, I myself have had very deep analysis' of some of his films, particularly 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Now if you didn't catch the mention in the Bombcast, "Room 237" is a film about various interpretations of the film "The Shining". If you have not seen "The Shining"... What the hell are you doing with your life? No but seriously "Room 237" blew my mind. I had my own interpretations of the messages in the film but man... these people go crazy in depth with their analyses of the film. It's actually incredibly fascinating. Some people actually found all of the continuity issues with the film and contextualize them within their theories of the film. Others actually mapped out the hotel.

Now while yes, it's practically impossible to know Kubricks true intentions with the film, I think there is quite a lot of validity to some of these peoples analysis of the film. As I said Before, I have had my own interpretations of the film and "Room 237" solidifies a lot of my opinions. First and foremost there is absolutely a subtext of racism in the film. That is without a doubt. Also, Kubrick was a "Freudian" so there is a lot of subtext of family relation and the construct of human civility.

You know what... I'm going to stop there. Who cares what I say about a 33 year old movie? If you have any interest in films with so much complexity that it will blow your mind. Watch Kubrick, Lynch, Kurosawa, Nolan. (The list goes on and on)

The reason I wanted to write this is because... well, from the way I remember it... Patrick kind of undersold the documentary by saying something like "It's just as much about over analysis as it is critical analysis". While I do think some of the opinions of people in the film are a little outrageous (Kubrick filming the moon landing), I also think there is a lot of truth to their depictions of the film that really resonated with my own experience with the film "The Shining".


Violence In Games Has Practically Nothing To Do With Mass Murder

I would go psycho if someone took my video games away from me. Just like any other art form, video games help keep me sane in an insane world. Video games are just as much an example of human expression as books, music, or movies. The problem with too much "simulated" violence in videogames is at the fault of capitalism. If the large majority of people who play videogames stopped buying violent games, publishers would make fewer games with realistic violence. The same thing goes for all other media. People love violence. We are all only animals who think we're civilized. Sure, most animals don't kill each other. I think people who snap and go on mass killing rampages have been driven mad by civilization itself, as a whole. There is not one thing you can point at and say "that is why this person killed all of those people". Anyone trying to look for reason in madness is stuck in the delusion that there is a purpose to why someone would kill over 20 kids and then themselves. I think the purpose behind mass murders is to show people the absence of purpose in life. Sigmund Freud people, he is important.

“Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman--a rope over an abyss." - "Friedrich Nietzsche"