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VJ is better in the beginning but BR surpasses it towards the end I think. Also, BR gets more invested in the story whereas VJ are typically more irreverent.

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Yeah but what about 2016's GOTY 2000?

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I always approach these lists not just in terms of the game itself but also taking into account a game's impact and legacy. With that in mind, it can only be either A Link to the Past or Ocarina of Time. Given that I prefer 3D Zelda to 2D, I'm going with Ocarina as best in series. That said, at times I feel like 2D and 3D Zeldas should be considered separately since they are quite different experiences.

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Such a weak list. I don't think I've played a single video game all year.

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Newsflash: The billionaires already control the media. Gawker needlessly outing a private citizen as a homosexual is heinous and in this case they got what they deserved.

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I agree with all your points (minus the volume of content) but more damningly I feel the site has just plain gotten boring. Part of this is my own growing out of video games but a big part is also how GB is run these days. The loss of Ryan is something GB has never truly recovered from, as @bigsocrates points out, and still struggles with that balance between professional competence and unfiltered expression that he perfected. The other thing is what @alexw00d points out, namely that the savant-level idiocy that used to be GB's bread and butter isn't all that good anymore. Though I must reluctantly admit he has grown on me, Dan really is just too similar to the existing crew to offer a fresh voice to the site. It would be nice to get some women and minorities onboard to shake things up now that things have stabled out....

Which is why I pretty much only consume GBeast content nowadays (and the occasional bombcast). Austin has quickly become my favorite addition to the site since the Whiskey Media days. I really appreciate his thoughtful perspective and his quest to bring varied and unique contributors to GB. Jeff Bakalar is a cool dude and I like the somewhat outsider-y, normal person vibe he brings to GBeast. Alex is really shining now that he doesn't have to compete with West coast's dominant personalities. And Vinny is just a lovely human being who most reflects the Ryan-role of balancing off-the-wall fun and experimentation with the ability to keep things on track. That said, I do feel that between the ads on the podcasts and videos and everything they are being properly compensated for their content so I don't feel the need to re-sub just yet. But if anything would get me to renew my subscription in the future, I'm more apt to believe it will come out of GBeast than West.

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@Levius said:

Not directly, but Nintendo certainly feels like a company full of conservative, old-ass men making the same games over and over.

Right, Nintendo could use a top to bottom overhaul. Bring the young bloods in to work on the top-tier franchises. Take more risks on new IP a la Splatoon. Have the old guard focus on specific areas that play to their strengths: Aonuma--handheld, Miyamoto--mobile (his design philosophy would really excel), etc.

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American political Libertarianism is not real Libertarianism. They are mostly just a group of rich assholes who want to deregulate and privatize everything so that they can reap the rewards and make huge profits without having to follow environmental/human rights laws.

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@somejerk said:
@ericjasonwade said:

The part that makes me cry the most is the Kim Kardashian part. I mean, unfortunately, whether you agree or not, this woman is a role model for a lot of our generation. Basically meaning being a spoiled brat and making a sex tape is just part of being successful. I really really just can't understand why the hell anyone would care what anyone from that family is doing.

Were you around for the years of Paris Hilton hype and hysteria? This is it for a younger generation, but more terrible. Hilton wasn't idolized, no girls wanted to be like that when they grew up, Hilton thought people were laughing with her but everybody were laughing at her even in her TV show. Decline of mankind.

But she did get her shit together, market her beauty products correctly, and now is worth $100 million. You might not like these people, but they put in the work to turn a profit, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Actually, she always had her shit together. She just played dumb for the cameras and everyone bought it. Check out this great VICE interview. I have no doubt the Kardashians are just as calculating in their antics.

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Well after Demon's I wasn't crazy about Dark Souls 1, which lead to me skipping Dark Souls 2. Bloodborne got me back in a big way. Dark Souls III should be better cause Miyazaki is back on it, though I wish they would scrap the Dark Souls universe completely and do something fresh.