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Systematic Systems

This is every system I own. After playing for 30 years and never selling anything ever, you can bet I've accumulated quite a bit of stuff.

List items

  • My first ever system. I still have it, and it still works. The controllers were designed to give you carpal tunnel. Lady Bug holds a special place in my heart as my Pac-Man clone of choice.

  • I didn't actually purchase an Atari until much much later, and my model is an Atari Jr., so there's no wood paneling.

  • I picked up one of these off of eBay back in 2002 and proceeded to collect pretty much every game there is for it. A neighbor owned one when I was very young, and scoring this bad boy was a desire to relive old memories. It's awesome, and it still works!

  • If you tallied up the amount of time in hours I've spent playing my NES vs. the amount of hours I've spent sleeping in my lifetime, the numbers would probably be very close.

  • Tetris, nuff said.

  • I was a Nintendo guy, so I didn't get my Genesis until much later in life, and only so I could get a Sega CD. I've never been a big Genesis fan, but Toejam & Earl is still one of my cult classics.

  • It's not an amazing system but there are some clear winners. The original Splatterhouse, Legendary Axe, Bonk's Adventure all come to mind immediately.

  • My Golden Age machine. Final Fantasy 3 came out when I was 16, and Chrono Trigger came out when I was 17. I still feel the SNES is the pinnacle of true video game artistry.

  • I'm a huge Lunar fan. So when I found a copy sitting around in a secondhand shop, there was really only one option.

  • My Playstation got a lot of RPG use as I trucked through college. This was my first Adult Life system, and just in time for the ESRB to start cracking down.

  • Sometimes you've just got to play Radiant Silvergun.

  • I basically got this specifically for Phantasy Star Online. I know a lot of people hold the Dreamcast in very high regards, however I still consider it one of the three worst consoles of all time. Feel free to disagree.

  • I've got an original model and an SP. It's incredible how much better this system is with a backlit screen. It's a travesty that it took Nintendo 12 years to figure it out.

  • One of my favorite systems. I've got about 300 games for my PS2, some of which I've probably never even played. I've even got an original model PS2 that still works perfectly - reads CDs, DVDs, you name it. It's pure luck, mind you, as it's logged hundreds of hours of playtime.

  • I like the Gamecube, but chances are if I could buy it on my PS2 instead, I did.

  • The DS sucked, and then was great, and is now beginning to suck again. I've never flip-flopped on a system as much as I have with the DS. I still enjoy it from time to time.

  • Bought one on launch day. In the past 5 years I have logged maybe 50 hours total playtime, with 45 of those hours likely playing Lumines or Gitaroo-Man.

  • This was my first Microsoft system, and they really had to win me over, as I was (and still am) a fervent naysayer of the original XBox. But Microsoft won me over.

  • I bought it, and after a few months, gave it to my mother. I just don't do gimmicks well.

  • I got a free copy of inFamous, so I purchased a PS3 so I could play it. Since then the reasons to continue playing the PS3 have grown incrementally. I don't see any reason anymore to diss the console.