A demo I wrote out a while back ago

Here is a demo of something I wrote awhile back for a band I was trying to start. I wrote the music using Guitar Pro 5 and decided to export the midi and convert it to WAVE. I forgot the scale I was using when I was writing everything out (I wrote this like October 2011) and its in half step tuning.

So what does GB think? Good, bad, meh?



DLC storyline vs Main storyline

Recently I've beaten the Dead Money DLC and was sitting through the ending when I notice they were mentioning the "Divide." I already knew about it since the "Lonesome Road" DLC is already out and it mentions that name and the original "Courier Six." I didn't think too much of it and checked the wiki to see if is an off hand statement. To my surprise, the wiki provided me with answers that didn't just explain that, but how all the DLC content are connected and who was involved. I was hooked by the fact that while I was working for NCR or House all these events were taking place setting them up for me to find. It explains some of the questions I had in "Old World Blues" and perfectly explained how the events in "Honest Hearts" started. It was also cool to see how some of the characters were connected to others in the actual game as well.

To me, the whole fiction behind all this is definitely more interesting than what I was doing for the main story. I mean, it was interesting to see what each group would do if you helped them, but it didn't feel like you wanted to know more about their past. In this DLC group, you slowly start to piece together why and how did each thing happens and who is responsible. Maybe I'm more excited by the fact that these names have been thrown around through out the whole game and now they all come together rather than the actual plots.

Does anyone else feel the same way?