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Street Fighter IV is one of the Best Fighting Games Ever. 0

One would think the developers over at Capcom would have slipped after 20 years of SF creation. Street Fighter IV captures the essence of classic 2D fighting while adding modern modifications onto an already great fighter. Resoundingly, Capcom shatters expectations and delivers one of the best fighters ever created. The beauty of Street Fighter IV is that it is more accessible to newcomers than ever while hardcore players will find a lot of depth to the game. For example, the trial mode provid...

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Little Big Planet is PS3's Best Title To Date. 2


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WipEout HD is an Amazing Addition to Your Gaming Collection. 0

WipEout HD is essentially an amazing port of Pulse and Pure from the PSP games. HD sports eight tracks, twelve hovercrafts, and five different modes and more for just twenty dollars. HD is worth every penny and packs more action than twenty dollars worth of. You would have to be a fool to pass this deal up.From start to finish, WipEout is pure eye candy. Great lighting, small details on both aircrafts and tracks, and overall the best looking downloadable game on the market should be a great tech...

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In Depth Metroid Prime 3 Review. 0

Metroid is a long running series of games starring 7 of them in the timeline so far, with 9 showcased total (pinball, zero mission). Metroid is not your every day shooter, or even one. This subject is even debated upon today, and still with differing opinions. With Super Metroid being the landmark title of the growing series, fans and gamers alike were unsure about a 3D Metroid…Developed by Retro Studios, and published by Nintendo, you already can tell this is going to be one of the best games m...

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