Games i would play no matter how strange or dumb they are

Just the games that i have the balls to play through, beginning to end, that are just strange, weird, stupid or unlikeable. (Which would mostly be Japanese games. No offence to the Japanese)
Games the couldnt get in the list because it isnt on this website:
Paranoiascape (PS1): A pinball game that is very strange and dark. Check it out here: 
Revenge of the Sunfish (PC): This game is so poorly made and it seems quite easy to beat but... it doesnt make sence. It is so confusing. There is nothing normal about this game, it's just insane and drugged... and i will play this game because it's so weird and bad it's actually fun to play. Take a look:

So far theres 13 in this list (11 in a list, 2 not noticed in this site). i might add more, but thats all for now.

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