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How Was Your Weekend? Mine was KILLER (4/13/2015)

I didn't have much time for games outside of Majora's Mask or Dark Souls 2 this week, but I did spend a few hours with...

Killer is Dead (PC)

Let's get gigolo mode out of the way: I don't like it - not so much for what it represents (though it did make me feel a little uncomfortable), but for how unnecessary it is in this style of game. Suda51 says himself it was a mode originally meant for Shadows of the Damned, which still doesn't make sense but at least that game had the suave, hispanic main protagonist who probably was good at picking up girls even though the point of that game was to save your girlfriend... However, I could contradict myself by saying a lot of what Suda51's games bring to the table don't make sense, so take that as you will.

Now for the fun stuff! I've tried to keep up with Suda's games ever since I first picked up Killer7, which really tickled my fancy as a teenager with the off the wall violence, insane narrative, and cel-shaded style that was all the rage during the PS2/GC/Xbox era. Killer is Dead really reminds me of Killer7, (despite Suda's attempts to distance the two), though I can't quite explain why. Its basically a blend of No More Heroes' "kill a bunch of named people because you're an assassin or something" + Killer7's more surreal, dark and complex cast of characters.

All you need to breathe on the moon is a helmet because WHY NOT
All you need to breathe on the moon is a helmet because WHY NOT

I've learned to love the approach of "this is just how things are" in some Japanese games - I don't need to know why everyone is so infatuated with the Moon in KiD, or why the enemies you spend most of your time fighting, the Wires, even exist. It doesn't matter. I love reveling in the madness, questioning everything, and constantly being surprised. Mondo Zappa is an amazing name for a protagonist.

Gameplay wise, KiD is a very throwaway hack'n'slash. I don't think it feels particularly great, there isn't a lot of variety, and I avoid using Mondo's gun arm as much as possible. But luckily, none of the episodes last very long and I've yet to get frustrated. If I can keep cruising my way through just to watch the cutscenes, I'm ok with that, because that's really all I'm here for - to see just where this thing goes. I haven't been let down in this respect, because the weirdness of the story has kept me engaged and there have been some excellent shots during some of Mondo's battles with his targets.


I only have a few missions left, so I'll have a final verdict next week. I grabbed this on a steam sale, and I've already got what I wanted. It isn't fun to play, but its insane and enjoyable to watch. Sometimes I wish things like this were just a well produced anime series.

Heroes of the Storm

I played some Dota 2, and I spent a lot of time with Heroes of Newerth for some reason. Moba's are interesting to me, but what turns me off is when my team starts telling me what to do, (unless I'm playing with close friends). I'm just not competitive enough to care too much. 'Tis just a game. Heroes of the Storm has been pretty easy to jump in and out of, with little conflict, and that's great. We'll see how much I actually play, but I've been liking not having to worry about building items or anything.

2v1 Podcast - Episode 21

So how was your weekend?