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Gritty European fantasy 0

Good talk.Your first encounter in Gothic is a human fist. This neatly sets the tone: You are thrown into a colony of prisoners, a valley surrounded by a magical barrier; no living thing can get out. Before your sentence a man gives you a letter which he tells you must reach the High Fire Mage... When the barrier was created something went wrong and its creators were trapped inside with the prisoners. In this moment of confusion the convicts took over and killed all the guards. Now the king must ...

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Postcards from Damascus 0

Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition (PC)[review originally posted on the Adventure Gamers forums]So I finally had a chance to play this, specifically the PC "Director's Cut" version which is different in its greater variety of side-missions (adding Rooftop Race, Merchant-Stand Destruction, Archer Assassination and Assassin Escort).I loooove the exploration. I like how intuitive the Parkour is, allowing you to focus on being awesome rather than having to think about the steps required to ach...

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