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I'll never forget the time Mario pulled me from a burning car crash. I would be dead without Mario.

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Nier is definitely the worst playing game on that list. Despite that, it is the best game on that list.

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DS1 > Sekiro > DS3 > Bloodborne > DeS > DS2

Finished the game yesterday and jumped back in to NG+ right away. First playthrough was about 40 hours. Made it through all but the last area in NG+ in about 6 hours, mostly due to the fact that I've only died a few times. Sekiro is way more mechanically demanding than any of From's previous games, but is also a lot more rewarding when you are executing perfectly. It's felt incredible to tear through all the regular enemies and most of the bosses on NG+ solely on the virtue of having really locked in the parry mechanic.

Dark Souls 1 still does it for me more in terms of environment, level design, and enemy design, but holy shit Sekiro might be the most raw fun I've ever had with a 3rd-person action game. Now just give me a Star Wars lightsaber combat game with this style of parry/deathblow focused combat.

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Here's some tips for anyone interested after about 20 hours of playing exclusively with friends:

  • 3D printers with the right items are EXTREMELY exploitable if found early. Feeding everything you find to get 6-9 Soldier's Syringes or Leeching Seeds is incredibly worth it.
    • Side note to make 3D printers less confusing- they will only take like for like in terms of rarity, so a 3D printer that spits out green rarity items will only select green rarity items from your current pool. Definitely freeing to realize you aren't risking your super rare drops.
  • Huntress really benefits from attack speed increases, but the best item on her to stack is probably the Backup Magazine. Having 4 or 5 of the glaive to throw out in quick succession will just rip crowds apart. She's also the only character the Rose Buckler is particularly good on.
  • MUL-T definitely benefits from movespeed bonuses for his charge ability, but attack speed is really the thing that matters. With a high enough fire rate, you can basically just use his machine gun at all times and the lack of accuracy isn't a problem anymore. He still might be the most broken character even after the small nerf, but we haven't had a lot of success running multiple MUL-Ts in one group.
  • Engineer is loads of fun even though they took away his missile barrage from ROR1. Running in a group of 3-4 Engineers is extremely broken, for one reason: Creeping Fungus is the best item in the game for him. The AoE heal works on the turrets, so if everyone gets at least one, and you all dump your turrets down in one location, you suddenly have 8 turrets all healing each other. Plus you can keep the defensive shield up at all times.
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While Witcher's music is great, Axiom Verge is the soundtrack from 2015 that I am still listening to semi-regularly. Some real good atmospheric stuff I pull for D&D sometimes too.

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Pathfinder, then Lifeline, then Bangalore. Love playing as all three, and I also really like Gibraltar. Started out really thinking I would like Bloodhound and over time really stopped enjoying her. Got wins with every character (except Mirage/Caustic cause I'm saving my Legend points for the first new character), and now I never have to play Wraith again so that's good.

It also super bums me out that I love playing as Bangalore but she has the worst dialogue lines in the game.

"Clips are what civvies wear in their hair. This is called a magazine." and "No clusterfoxtrots in my squad" both make me want to die.

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I felt like the epilogue was incredibly self indulgent on Rockstar's part. They told a really good story that had a really good conclusion. We absolutely did not need to know via 10 hours of gameplay exactly how we got from the end of RDR2 to the beginning of RDR1.

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I love Shows, the Live tab, how the 4 separate podcast branches were united, and that the site remembers where I left off mid-podcast.

The new logo is fine, don't hate it, don't love it. It's serviceable.

I don't like the ludicrous size of the top slot on the home page, the "thanks for being a premium member" box, the fact that I can't mark episodes of shows as "viewed", and how the option to embiggen videos is gone. Oh, and why are the forums gone from the front page? Weird design choice.

I absolutely hate the autoplaying videos. This REALLY needs to change.

Overall, I think the redesign is promising, but definitely needs some work.

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The absolute shitshow that was the 2016 US elections have probably turned me into a 3rd party voter for life.

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