The Playstation Zeitgeist Episode 8: E3 Ponderings (Part 2)

Sony Keynote started some time ago.

The News is True, but the UMD doesn't die, in fact both services will exist together, so NOBODY should be modding systems because of Not enough games. I would wanted the UMD to be a higher tier, but they haven't figured out how to get more disk space on the UMD. No worries. You Yuppies get your DD i keep my UMD *rasberry*

GT PSP? Catch Cars Like POKEMON? Awesome! 800 cars! 35 FUCKING tracks! 60 frames a second on a UMD? OH HELL YES!

Peace Walker! Snake in the 70's son...3 years after the events of Portaple Ops... Its in South America again... looks like it talks about OUTER HAVEN! HOLY SHIT SON! Back to 70's hardcore son. Im talking about McFUCKINGQcade son. The good film stuff blowing shit up 70's style S-O-N. Its the episode that puts everything together, 2010 BITCHES! UMD and dd for those yuppies...

Biohazard Portable coming to the PSP as well... as well as more of your faves. Hanna Montana will sell sadly but maybe thats why they left the UMD option there as well?

MONTAGE - oh did I say that LBP looks good...

Hey, the Yuppies that keep cheering pipe that down man, this aint the AVN awards for god sakes!

That would be interesting to see the Fat princess on the montage - maybe its both?

FF 7 to the store, so go get it when its ready...(which is TONIGHT!)

Home isnt doing to hot I admit that but give it time...

See, Microsoft tries too hard with the stars we dont care least Sony keeps it to the games... 

I sense that WKC will get a major overhaul. 

No surprises in this montage...Maybe a Sequel to LBP coming? 

New IP Called "Agent" 70's based game. Interesting.

Big Hammer Coming? MegaTon? AC2 will have a PSP and PS3 connectivity... Its ready this christmas... (Might Be Exclusive) 

They show Weakass Blahticy 13... SNORE. Longer Clip? Thats all you gonna give us Square? I know Sony is excited...because they will make more money off of it than MicroSoft... MEGATON, FF 14 only on PS3 in 2010? MS Just got OWNED BEYOND ALL EVERYTHING SON! wait.. wait wait its a online game...what the fuck Square? I just got fucking blue balled!

Motion Control... Hmm... Talking about the EyePet maybe. Ohh its the copy tech they showed us some years ago! Its improved! Its a upgrade to the PS EYE - the COPY tech copies objects and puts them on the screen! Hes actually building something? WTF THIS IS SO FUCKING AWSOME ever see a weather report on the news? The Green screen? This takes it to a level beyond that... Build and use as a mouse - MAG just got better... at least you can select 256 units... The Controls are ... beyond precise like it acts like a very good wacom tablet...March - May of next year. 

Hey Sony you have something for this year please?

ModRacers is part of the PCS (Play Create Share) genre that LBP started... Interesting... yet another game in 2010.


ICO GAME MOTHERFUCKA!!!!!! Its called the Last Guardian the trailer was leaked? But it got the Colossi, the young boy... and now their talking? wth? Very Interesting... coming to PS3 in...2011. DUH


GT5 Preview! Please let it come THIS YEAR! 

God Of War 3, Final Game of Series. Same mega battles... He steals from the enemies? OMG DID YOU SEE THAT? Brutal. OOOOHHHH... but how will the handle the mini-games? 2010 AGAIN? GOD...

Sony has 2010 on lock son. But 2009 will not be horrible... just...slow until Oct 1st.  PSP lives, PS3 gets a lot of games, PS2 still moves along. Im thinking that Sony was a little slow but it picked up later - MS had the stars, Ninty tried to hard, Sony was just right.