14/01/2013 - I just don’t have the patience

What exactly is this?

In all honesty I don’t exactly know what this blog will be, or even turn into. I recently decided to do a weekly write up of what I played, watched or if I am lucky enough to actually leave the house and do something interesting in the week what I did. Most people may find this boring (I hope not), but in all honesty its for me. I want to do this to hone my writing skills and I dunno, I guess its just something to look back on a little while down the line.

What have I been Playing?

Gaming has taken a back seat a little recently. I am not totally sure why but I am finding myself watching more TV in my spare time than playing games. When I do play games though I tend to only stick to one main title and focus most of my time on that. At the moment that title is Dishonoured. I have never really been a fan of stealth games. To put it bluntly I am shit at them. I don’t have the patience to sit there and wait for the most opportune moment to take out a guard or sneak past a security camera. I would much rather run out there and fuck shit up.

As far as dishonored goes I have gotten through the tutorial and the first two missions. I like the game I guess but its just not drawing me in. I never have an urge to play it. I think the problem is, I want to like the game more than I actually do (if that makes any sense). The art style is amazing and the game looks beautiful on the PC. I just don’t have the patience for stealth games. With that in mind and only being about 1 and a half hours into the game, I feel I have a choice. Do I carry on playing and hope that the later game content (the powers and story) is enough to keep me interested or do I give the game up as a bad job and just say it isn't for me?

Any other games?

This weekend I decided to do fuck all and just lounge around watching shitty tv and playing random games:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Jumped into multiplayer for the first time in a couple months. Really not that bothered about the game any more. I think this will be the first year that I do not buy any of the dlc.
  • FIFA 13 - Played a few matches of my Manchester United Career, again I jumped back into this game after a hiatus of a few months. I really like the FIFA games. I just can't play too much in one sitting. After 2 or 3 matches I get bored and want to play something else.

What have I been watching?

I actually went to see Django Unchained this past weekend. Oh my fucking god is this film great. I have always been a Tarantino fan, but this by far is my favourite of his. The cast are perfect, the soundtrack is amazing and the plot my god is the plot entertaining. This film is 3 hours of pure entertainment. It just hits every note. Its funny when it needs to be. It has amazing action sequences and the music in the film fits in with the theme perfectly. The stand out star of the film has to be Samuel L. Jackson, even though all the cast’s work is great Samuel L. Jackson’s character is amazing. You know what thats all I really want to say on the film for now just go and watch it.

What else have you seen?

In this section I just want to briefly outline anything of note that I watched be it TV or Film.

  • Prison Break Season 4 - When this show was originally on TV I lost interest after season 3. I can see why now. The first season was amazing and, well it just went downhill from there. Season 4 is bad. Really bad.

Anything else happened?

Nope not really, I did go back to the gym for the first time in what. god it must be 7 months. I am really going to make an effort this time. I have cut down on junk food, 3 trips to the gym a week and at least for this month I have totally cut out alcohol. It feels good living a little healthier. I am not too sure if it is psychological but I do tend to feel more lively and generally happier.

The End

And thats it for the first in what will hopefully be a series of blogs from me. If I decide to drop Dishonoured (I am still not sure) most of my time will probably be spent with XCom Enemy Unknown, another one of my 2012 backlog games.

Thanks for reading and any constructive criticism is welcome.