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30 day challenges - Day 01

So these stupid things have been floating around on networking sites - and while I despise them cluttering up my news feeds, one unified daily blog might actually give me an incentive to use this thing - (and maybe get the sup check quest?) 
So if you haven't seen them it's this dumb little thing where each day you are challenged to give your entry for whatever that days 'theme' is. 
There's a fair few going round so the two i will take part in are music, and football (soccer to you lot) 

Music Day 01 - Your favorite song

Odd choice, but it's the one song that I honestly can find no reason to skip whenever it comes on, even other songs i love i sometimes find myself not in the mood for! Not this one! 
It's a perfect mix of beautiful production on what's there, whilst 'sculpting with silence' around it. The simplicity of the entire piece just really resonates with me. 

Football Day 01 - Your Favorite Football Match

 Took a long hard think about this one, there were many contenders (though most of them are also up for 'match that makes you happy') the obvious goal heavy wins were also considered, but when it comes down to it - this match had me like a beaten housewife! such a range of emotions that at the end left me feeling sick, overjoyed, angry and confused. And i needed to change my pants.

Watching our lackluster defense in the first half was infuriating, watching arsenals trademark style of play being used to its full extent was conflictingly a joy to watch.
But the building feeling of confidence, a shared growth between the players on the pitch and the people in the stands, the steady roar getting louder and louder with every tackle - it was going to happen it HAD to happen - and by the end of the match, the fact we could have even gone on to win it did not matter any more.

This is the football match you show to people who don't like/know about football. This is the match that all cliches the commentators like to throw around actually produced. This is how unpredictable and emotionally rendering football can be. And in my time there has never been a match that shows it quite like this!