Is it fair to answer your own trivia?

     If you hadn't already realized, I love the trivia feature on Giant Bomb. As a whole, I've learned a lot of stuff about video games I never would've known otherwise (to the point in which I get interested in games that I've previously ignored). I've been answering lots of questions, reporting duplicates/"spoiler" ones, and even submitting some of my own questions. I haven't really submitted many of my own because I'm worried that I'd stumble upon it while answering questions for that specific game. I've already started coming across my own questions (even with no more than a dozen submitted).
     Anyway, my point is that I don't think it's very fair to answer your own questions. Answering maybe a couple probably might not affect your rank, but once you start submitting/around around 100, you can seriously affect your position versus other players (think about it, you can get 100 in a row without even needing to think).
     Maybe I'm making a big fuss, but I think the staff should fix the trivia so that you can't answer your own questions. I think I remember coonce talking about this right after the system launched but so far it hasn't changed. There may be worse ways to play the game that can't be regulated (like looking up the answers), but I think this should be fixed.