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Ozzdog12's Top 10 Games He played in 2012

Its funny, I bought a lot of games this year, more so than the average amount I buy( I bought 6 last year) and yet while I was satisfied with all my purchases(I bought 3 Humble Bundles and have only played about half of those games) it was really hard for me to pick out a top 10 because I liked a lot of games, but I didnt LOVE very many of them, well ones that came out in 2012 anyways. The Mass Effect franchise is the one major franchise I always wanted to play,but never got a chance. So during the dry spell of games in the first 3 months, I finally got a chance to experience it. Lets just say between the months of January through March, I played mostly those two titles(ME1-ME2) and their DLC. I had made a little cash gambling in Aruba, so when I got back, I bought Mass Effect 3 and experienced the entire trilogy this year. I would put ME1-ME2 on their but since they didnt come out this year(well, the trilogy re-release doesnt count) I cant. So on to the games that actually came out this year

10. Darksiders II (X360)

I absolutely loved the first Darksiders, so obviously I had high hopes for this one and I wanted to support Thq. Now I really liked the game and really enjoyed the long campaign, but I was surprised at how much different the game was from its previous entry. Now at its core, it still had the same feel, but the more RPG approach threw me off and it had some really monotonous quests.But overall I really liked it and played it through twice. Now if only we could get Darksiders 3 with co-op

9. Assassin's Creed III (PS3)

Having loved Assassin's Creed II and skipping out on the next two 'spin-offs', I had high hopes for the third entry. Regardless of the boring first 4 sequences and the terrible ending, the gameplay was still very good and I really enjoyed my time away from the story, doing side quests and exploring. I also really got into the mulitplayer, which really took me by surprise

8.Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PSVita)

Say what you will about the Vita, but I loved Uncharted: Golden Abyss. I love the Uncharted series and once I got passed all the gimmicky Vita-touch controls, I really got into Golden Abyss. It actually has a much better story than Uncharted 3 did on a whole and while I found Chase kind've annoying, I still liked the story as a whole. I'm in the process of going through it again on Hard and I still really like it.

7.The Darkness II (X360)

I loved The Darkness and I never thought the sequel was actually going to happen. As a reader of the comics, I appreciated the first game so much. Not only that, but it was a blast to play. The sequel got rid of the awful mulitplayer and added a co-op mode with 4 different characters,all with their own unique abilities and a nice story to go along with it.. The story was actually super short and mostly enjoyable, but the gameplay was solid and killing goons with The Darkness is always a blast.

6.XCOM: Enemy Unknown (X360)

In a videogame world dominated by shooters, XCOM is such a great game in such a disappearing genre. XCOM is one of those games that you can just sit down and play for any amount of time and still feel like you accomplished something. There are not enough of these types of games anymore. I was suprised how well the controls were on the 360, it just came naturally for a type of game that is normally foreign to consoles.

5.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (X360)

The granddaddy of all online FPS's, CS:GO is an updated version of a game I once put an insurmountable amount of time into back in the day. The tried and true formula is still there and shows that its still the best online shooter out there. No perks, no classes, no bullshit, simple. The introduction of perks,unlocks, etc.(unbalanced) ruined the whole of multiplayer shooters for me and it felt nice to put some decent time back into a shooter I had spent much of my teen years playing.

4.Hitman: Absolution (X360)

I really really enjoyed Hitman:Absolution, more than I should have. It was nowhere near the excellence of Hitman: Blood Money and it didn't feel like a 'true' Hitman game to me, but there was just something about it that kept drawing me in. I didnt like the new disguise system, but found ways to work around it. I thoroughly the game for what it was, a great third person action game with stealth elements

3.Far Cry 3 (X360)

Yes, I played this one 360 and it still looks great. I can't afford a graphical powerhouse of a PC nor do I even care. Far Cry 3 is the one game I wanted to be good, because the second installment was so bad. The gunplay is great and multiplayer is decent. But its really pretty and super fun to play, just wish it was drop in/drop out coop.

2.Dishonored (X360)

What a breathe of fresh air. Dishonored was so much fun even with a sub-par story. The gameplay was superb and an absolute blast. Being able to truly tackle a mission guns blazing or stealth both had its benefits and the best part was experimentation within the same levels with different play styles and getting different results

1.The Walking Dead (PS3)

What can I say about The Walking Dead that hasn't already been said? It has its techinical issues, but It is one of the best, if not THE BEST emotional experiences I've ever experienced while playing a videogame. It is absolutely brilliant.Everything from the pacing to the setting to the characters is absolutely brilliant. I have never cared about a fake little girl more in my life than I did about Clementine.