Consoles I'we owned.

List items

  • My first one, kinda got "tricked" to buy this as the NES was the big thing then.

  • My first console after many loving years with the Amiga bougth it in the end og the 90's not long before PS2 came out. (I wanted to play Panzer general but could not afford a computer).

  • I'm travelling alot and I bougth this for the ability to watch movies. As it turned out I barley used it, the DS took over.

  • I need my mario fix!

  • This is THE gaming console for the traveller. Small, practcal and a lot of fun games.

  • I never liked the design of the box. But after getting a HD tv I wanted blu-ray and media "server". I played a lot on it in the beginning but the later to come xbox took over. It seems to go in cycles, this is now my main box.

  • As of now the main gaming console, this because I here have more friends playing online. I somewhat like the controller better to. Things have happened, PS3 is the better box in total.

    But I must say MS is making it difficut for customers moving around the world (IP-lock or what u call it why the **** can't the user self change the contry).

  • Bought it and actually play on it from time to time. Two analouge sticks really makes a difference.

  • Actually I have the 2DS, really had to play the new Zelda game.

  • As for the Wii, I need my Mario fix.