Tonight in Videogame Achievements!

"FOXHOUND" rank in MGS4... second highest rank! Next up: BIG BOSS!

Yes, finished the game on BIG BOSS HARD in 3:47:37 with 0 continues, 0 alerts, 0 kills, 0 recovery items, and no special items used.

Conferring the title of FOXHOUND! Got a shiny new gun as a reward... but now it's off to THE BOSS EXTREME to do it again!

Oh, and Liquid is a @#$%! on BIG BOSS HARD... not looking forward to that fight on THE BOSS EXTREME.

Oh, and this:
That's right. I'm INSANE!
That's right. I'm INSANE!

Plus, I bought and downloaded The Last Guy and Piyotama!

But now my girlfriend is dominating the TV playing Piyopiyo. Didn't think that one through in advance!