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Escape Zone. Get people here!
Escape Zone. Get people here!
 A mysterious purple beam hits earth. Everyone who was outside at the time gets turned into "zombies" but they look more like various mutants, monsters, and bugs than actual zombies in Dawn of the Dead and Resident Evil terms. Anyway, there's tons of people who were inside buildings at the time and are now trapped by the zombies patrolling the streets outside. So you're The Last Guy, some dude with a red cape whose sole job is to run around, stand outside buildings, collect survivors into a giant line and bring them to the escape zone. In other words, IT DOESN'T MATTER and YOU SHOULDN'T CARE!


Thermal Vision
Thermal Vision
  You use the left analog stick to move the main character around the screen and you can use the right analog stick to move the camera to look around. While running around, you can pull up thermal vision view to see which building have people in them and how many people are in there; giant blobs of green = lots of people which is very good for you. This view also comes in handy by telling you where you can go; darker areas denote boundaries. You also have a stamina bar in the lower left corner of the screen which can be used for running very fast by pressing the Triangle button or can quickly retract your line to you by pressing the Circle button. Your stamina bar will also increase as your line gets larger.

One of the keys to success is to try and have as long a line as possible since there are occasionally barriers on roads and paths that will only disappear if you have a certain amount of people in your line. These barriers occasionally block you from picking up one of the four VIPs hidden in each level.

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