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Smokin' Sick Style 0

Devil May Cry 4's debut onto the 360 is a welcome addition in the platform's growing collection of prior PlayStation exclusives. Top notch presentation in the cutscenes and character designs showcase movie like directing and badass Advent Children like gun/swordplay. The gameplay is what you've come to expect from the series when playing as Dante, and Nero provides a likewise nice change of pace....

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Pixar The Shooter 0

In Valve's decision of embracing a cell shaded world for the Team Fortress franchise, they've managed to create a spectacular team oriented fps that has the inner workings of a Swiss watch. From the well thought out character designs to the fully realized environments, you're likely to get mileage out of this masterpiece....

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Ohhs and Ahhs 0

What Crysis lacks in substance is made up with in explosions and shaders. The amount of enjoyment to be had in this game will likely be proportional to the specs of your computer. Graphical achievements aside, the gameplay offers non linear objectives and wide open environments in which to do them. The shooting is visceral and solid and story is paced nicely throughout....

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Addictingly Charming 0

Carcassonne for the Xbox Live Arcade is a faithful and feature full adaption of the classical board game of the same game. The art style is consistent with the theme and compliments the gameplay. Friendly to pick up and provides deep strategy adding to its replayability....

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