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Great narrative helping to refresh a stale gaming genre 0

Going into Bioshock uninitiated is a tough one.   Not only has it been plastered all over the gaming press both online & offline, it's also won some major acclaim from standard press due to (in most part) it's sublime graphical presentation. Despite seemingly appearing from nowhere in-between all the heavy hitting new releases of 2007, thanks to Microsoft's substantial press machine and it being the spiritual successor of System Shock the kids literally all went mad for this one. Judging by...

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The JRPG dream team produce a rather lackluster snoozefest 0

 Blue Dragon by Mistwalker is what you would class as one the first next generation JRPG's. Created by an ensemble dream team of the genre, surely this title should be a measure of perfection that no others can hope to reach? Well no, not quite.There has always seemed to be two different class types in the JRPG genre. One in which the game is primarily story driven with a sparse amount of fighting and the other being a pure test of patience level grinding (albeit with subsequent rewards for your...

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Megaman returns in a deliciously difficult 8-bit romp 0

Capcom’s Megaman 9 is the latest game in the long running Megaman/Rockman series which originally made its debut on the NES all the way back in 1987. Considered as the follow-up to Megaman 8 released nearly twelve years ago (excluding its numerous spin-offs), the game’s engine has been built from the ground up to recreate an authentic experience fitting of the 8-bit machines of the past. Background music throughout is appropriately MIDI sounding with its sound range limited to the five channels ...

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Oversimplified, unimaginative film licensed tat. 0

Surfs Up is unsurprisingly the game tie-in to the movie released by Sony Animation last year (2007) which features everyones current favourite Indiana Jones darling (stupid name included) Shia LaBeouf as a surfing penguin named Cody.It would seem certain from this release that our French friends Ubisoft have obtained the license deal with Sony pictures to produce ongoing games for their animated movies. This title being the second outing for them with their previous effort being the rather poor ...

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Well scripted, gritty & mature FPS with few but sizeable faults. 0

A highly hyped release all the way back from when the 360 first launched, The Darkness is a FPS which despite it's positives found itself overshadowed (excuse the pun) by other such grade A++ titles in its year of release such as COD4, Orange Box & Bioshock. The Darkness is a game based on a comic published by MadCow Productions. Although somewhat of an obscure comic title when compared to it's Marvel or DC brethren, it's a story that transcribes well into a video game experience. As main p...

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An unbeatable home rhythm game experience 0

After a rather long and frustrating wait, the EU was finally given tickets to Rockband on the 23rd of May. Rockband being EA's prime time foray (after Boom Boom Rocket) into the exciting world of the rhythm game genre. With Guitar Hero being one of the biggest selling games of all time and the necessary guitar peripheral sales bringing tidy amounts of profit it was only a matter of time before EA wanted a slice of that pie, buying out the original creators of Guitar Hero -Harmonix. Rockband at f...

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Another enjoyable Ace Attorney game. 1

Apollo Justice is the fourth game of the semi-popular 'Phoenix Wright' or 'Gyakuten Saiban' as they are known in Japan.While the original 3 games with the limited exception of the final case in Ace Attorney were ported from the GBA, Apollo Justice is entirely built ground up for the DS system making it a first for Capcoms franchise.Incase you are unaware of the concept of Ace Attorney games, you play as a defense attorney named Phoenix Wright (or in this game) the new rookie Apollo Justice. The ...

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An enjoyable & unique arcade driving experience. 0

Being new to the Burnout franchise I went into this latest iteration of the series oblivious as to what to really expect from the title. While an arcade racer in nature, a run of the mill driving experience ala PGR, Forza, Sega Rally or NFS it certainly isn't. A welcome change for a machine not exactly dry on racing titles. The big selling point of this title compared to it's predecessors is its new open world aspect, the same you would find in say a GTA or Driver game.You start driving around t...

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