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personz: Best of 2010

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  • There has not been a game that I have sunk more hours into this year. Not only does Starcraft 2 have compelling single player campaign but also a multiplayer component that is almost certain to keep you occupied for years to come.

  • Bayonetta is a crazy non stop thrilling from start to finish. I could go on for hours about how awesome this game is but I figured out a way to explain it in one sentence.

    At one point in the game YOU PUNCH GOD INTO THE SUN!

  • Never before has a game that is so punishing been so enjoyable to me. Super Meat Boy is hates me yet I keep coming back for more. There are a ton of levels and secrets to conquer and you may find yourself ready to throw your controller out the window allot the feeling of finally beating some of the later levels in the game is one of the most satisfying things I have ever felt from a game.

  • Enslaved is one of those pleasant surprises this year. Its a game that I knew nothing about and sounded boring on paper but the characters and there performance throughout really helps set the game apart. Enslaved doesn't raise any bars but the package is incredibly well polished and if your a fan of action games I would highly suggest picking it up.

  • Late 2009 I thought I was finally done with Street Fighter IV, but then here comes Super Street Fighter IV to drag me back in. Extra modes, characters, and reworked game balance all equate to my favorite fighting game of the year and puts it up there with some of my favorite fighting games of all time.

  • Before last year I did not give a crap about Halo. Master chief bored me as a character and the overall story arc I found uninteresting and bland. Halo Reach gives the franchise what I think it needed most...


    I would take the one adventure of noble team over the whole original trilogy any day.

  • I suppose I will get a lot of odd stares for having this one on my list. Deadly premonition has flaws, allot of flaws but I can't think of many other games that I played this year that had me so interested in the story. The game is not for everyone but it has a fond place in my memories of games this year.

  • Being a fan of Little Big Planet and its user created content I dove right in to ModNation racers. The amount of awesome user created content in this game is astounding. Now if only the load times were better.