I hate discs.

I buy games digitally whenever possible, because I am a lazy bastard. Also there are few things worse than a misplaced disc. I have flushed more money away than I care to admit.


Whoops, Fallout 3 DLC Achievents

Perusing my less than impressive achievement list on Xbox.com I stumbled upon this. Cropped for your privacy and my convenience. A larger screen grab can be made available if authenticity is doubted. perhaps someone more dedicated that I can decipher these glyphs. Looks like 3 quest based achievements and 3 Karma level based. 150 gamerscore for those counting at home.


On OnLive (Monetarily)

OnLive seems like the fevered dream of my mind in a more youthful state. Under the assumption that this product is not vaporware I am left with several questions. Such as:
1) How much would I be paying for their proprietary software or their "micro-console?"
2) How much would I be paying on a monthly basis for this service?
3) Do I have to buy games that I already own a license to operate in an entertainment capacity? (EULA)
4) What will happen to the games that I have purchased for their service when Onlive eventually closes?
Well, the euphoria was fun while it lasted.