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Apart from the poor sales worldwide, the Saturn was far from garbage. It's plenty of exclusive games already show that, and the hardware inside itself had the potential to be better than the PlayStation, it was more or less that many developers found it difficult to program for (Just like the same reasons when the PlayStation 3 first came out). Plus the initial expensive price was another let down.
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The Saturn did have some great games and quite literately would have been the ultimate 2D gaming machine, especially with some of the old fighting games were concerned (The gamepad was the absolute best for these games), and the many obscure Japanese titles, but my vote will have to go for the Dreamcast. 
It was just so underrated and ahead of it's time, and what it offered quite basically paved way for the standards we have now in the current consoles, the online aspect being the most significant.  
And in quite a debatable subject, what about the Dreamcast's gamepad controllers, seeing as the original Xbox practically copied it and in my personal experience made it even worse due to it's sheer size and odd face button shapes. But without this, we probably wouldn't have the 360 controller which is pretty much the ultimate end product refinement of it all.
Games wise, fond memories of Phantasy Star Online, the first ever console-online RPG with it's simple Diablo-style Co-Op. How about the FPS games, like Outtrigger, or the decent ports of Quake III and Unreal Tournament, all of which were online capable and allowed for the use of keyboard & mouse controls (i.e. Dreamcast official peripherals). Course you also had plenty of Arcade-to-Dreamcast ported games due to the same NAOMI hardware they used. 
It's a shame really, Sega really went all out with their Dreamcast and supported it 100%, but it had to meet a terrible end.
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Pretty sure that "Yakuza: Of the End " is just a spin-off title, just like what Kenzan was. 
I mean to suddenly have zombies come into the story of game, that will just be one of the biggest "WTF" ever. 
The numbered games at least have the distinction of being numbered, so as to be the main series (Kenzan did come before 3). IF this is proven wrong, then my god, what were Sega thinking!
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Like Ikaruga and Sega's Rez, I take it this awesome game will not be coming to the PSN as well. Shame really. 
*Goes off to listen to Radiant Silvergun's soundtrack* 
One of Hitoshi Sakimoto's best works in my opinion, epic boss music with "Debris" and "Evasion" happens to be my phone's ringtone, just to be all geeky about it.
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I used to use AVG and Avast, and was fine with those until I felt they were too intrusive i.e. popups and such. Sure it was easy to turn them off, but I also find that they were a bit of a memory resource hog and a few updates caused problems for me to reinstall them. 
With MSE, and especially if you have Windows 7, it works perfectly fine. Integrates very nicely and is just very quick & simple to use. 
Out of the 3, I would say that Avast is much more advanced and througher with regards to virus protection, but as long as you know how to keep your computer clean or avoid dodgy websites or files, MSE is perfectly fine for your needs.
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I hope that with the dream team collaboration on this game, it will work out very well. 
I mean afterall, you have Shinji Mikami, the man known for creating the Resident Evil franchise, and because of Resident Evil 4, many Third-Person-Shooter games these days owe alot to it because of the off-shift over-the-shoulder camera style which is now prevalant. (Even Cliff Bleszinski of Gears of War recognises this.)
You have Suda51, so you know that there will be some crazy game elements to mix in with Mikami's horror. 
And then there is Akira Yamaoka, known for the creepy soundtrack of the Silent Hill games.
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@august said:
"For context, on the podcast they were talking about most multiplatform fps games targeting the 360 primarily because more people own 360s. Strictly market forces at work. "

Yep, and as the First-Person-Shooter genre is more popular amongst Westernised gamers and the Xbox 360 is an American made console, it is only logical that both perfectly match up together.
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@captain_clayman said:

"it's usually just the fact that they run a bit better on xbox because they're designed to utilize directx and intel processors, not opengl and IBM processors that the ps3 uses.  for example unreal 3 games typically have a bit slower framerate, slightlier chunkier textures and no anti-aliasing on PS3, but it depends on how much time they took with the port. "

Uhhh.... you do know that the 360 also uses an IBM made CPU right? I mean all three of the current consoles, 360, PS3 and Wii have their CPU's made by IBM. 
It's more like the fact that the 360 is much easier to develop for (Closer to a PC), hence why most multi-platform games start out on there. The PS3 was known in the early days to be really difficult to develop for, but nowadays as the years have gone by, developers are starting to get more accustomed to it. 
Something like Killzone 2 and the upcoming 3 looks great on the PS3, simply because they are made by a development team that is owned by Sony, so they obviously have the better advantages of knowing the in's and out's of the PS3 system. Exclusive games for a particular console have their own advantages.
Unreal 3 engine games are fine on the PS3 though it also depends on the game in question.  Unreal Tournament 3, the main flagship game of the engine itself, was developed very well for the PS3. Hell it even supports keyboard and mouse controls.     
As for which console plays FPS games better, it is all down to you, the player, and/or how  you are used to the gamepad controllers of each respective system. 
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Man this is East Asia and South Asia, more specifically India religion based stuff to it's extreme. That ridiculously massive Buddah will have to redefine the meaning of "over-the-top".
With all the Street Fighter IV-esque brushstrokes and the design of the character himself, it kind of makes it look some ancient Gouki/Akuma/Shin Akuma. A new origin for the Ansatsuken/Dark Hadou perhaps LOL.