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I made a TVDJ page!

TVDJ is an awfully bad game that is similar to Parappa and Gitaroo-man - it's bad but very fun to play and/or watch. Ryan Davis back in the Gamespot days gave it a 2.5 review, ouch. Check it out - TVDJ.


Buy Cave Story Please!

Wow I just beat the game for the third time and man, it is amazing. Please show your support for the guy that made it (yeah, 1 guy made that game by himself!) by purchasing the game for the cheap 1200 Wii points.


Evolution of a Winning Formula; Cave Story, Castlevania, Metroid

So I got Cave Story yesterday on the Wii and here are my first impressions:
  1. This game is what I'd refer to as a metroidvania
  2. The game started out with some kind of prologue-esque scene, yet I'm still clueless but I know this is what the dev. wanted
  3. I love the lo-fi graphics that maintain very quality, fluid animation and effects 
  4. The music is great, varied, and atmospheric
  5. The weapon power up system is fast-paced, streamlined, and doesn't bother with too much micro-management
So, the Winning Formula that Metroid and Castlevania (ie. Metroid 3, CSotN) goes like this:
  1. Interactive Prologue that lets the player see, read, and play a portion of the past, followed by a (sometimes) late title screen
  2. A character, level, or item is introduced in this Interactive Prologue and is hyped up throughout the game
  3. Abilitease, progression based on items/bosses, considerately placed save points, secret items/areas
  4. Eventually trajectory and exploration is so expanded that you are back tracking and discovering how large the game really is
  5. Multiple endings based on player skill or thoroughness (equip item X during the last fight, etc)
Cave Story has all of these, albeit in either a very simple way or a subtle way. 
Castlevania's enemies drop loot like RPGs and there are usually NPC hubs with shops in them - this isn't the case in Metroid, but there is loot in Cave Story (just not as in-depth as a Castlevania). I think that the weapon level system in Cave Story is a great addition to the metroidvania formula - to me it feels like a more expansive Master Sword from Zelda. 
Cave Story is a great game. The action is fun, the music is catchy, the characters are interesting, the pacing is very well done (a lot of player empathy went into this), and it's 1200 Wii Points. If you like Castlevania or Metroid, you will definitely like Cave Story and you should buy it.

Okay, updated FF4 stuff!

Wow, I added a few things to the FF4 page. I hope that people like it - I didn't want to go overboard on details and plot analysis and all of that stuff just yet because the game just recently came out for DS and I think that a new generation of players will get to experience it for the first time so I figured it was better to not spoil anything.

I'll add more details and add more characters tomorrow after work for sure.