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Penumbra: Overture 0

Penumbra: Overture is a first person adventure horror game by Swedish developer Frictional Games. It is the first in what is to be a trilogy of titles. You play as Philip and well, he’s having a bad day. After attending his mother’s funeral he receives a letter from his supposedly deceased father that gives him information that lands him in Greenland. Philip soon stumbles upon a mysterious hatch frozen over and apparently forgotten by the world. Known only as the Shelter, Philip finds himself in...

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The only way to truly enjoy army of two is to play co-op 2

    Army of two is a 3rd person action shooter for the ps3 and xbox 360. You start out as two men named Rios and Salem who are private military contractors. In English their mercs who are hired by the government to do special jobs. After the first mission you're treated to a cool trailer that time lines you working for this PMC (private military contractor) called SSC.     I like the premise for being a mercenary yet the overall story isn't very good and the dialogue is laughable with one charac...

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Schizoid is truly a one of kind game yet that doesn’t mean it’s f 1

Schizoid is truly a one of kind game yet that doesn’t mean it’s for every one.  In schizoid single player mode you play as a blue space ship that is accompanied by a red ship that can only destroy enemy crabs, blobs and stars that are the same color as there ship.  There are 119 levels for you and your space cadet to run into and destroy enemies, while acquiring power up’s, that must be activated by flying into you’re partner to activate.  Power ups in clued hyper speed which makes you’re ship f...

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Amazingly recycled graphics, enemy models and voices don't stop t 0

            If you enjoyed 2006’s Rainbow Six Las Vegas there aren’t any surprises here.   There is a new A.C.E.S system which rewards you for every special type of kill (killing an enemy using a rope, head shots, close quarter kills).  You gain experience for these special kills which earn you new weapons, camo and amour.  Yes now you can customize your amour and clothes with about 20 types of camo.  It’s a bit disappointing not to be able to start with all your favorite weapons but having to u...

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