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Review Published and Purchases

So recently I joined the new game network as a freelance reviewer and my first review for the site was published. Here is also a link to my portfolio site.

Purchases of the month

Penumbra Overture, Steam-$2.50
Check the review for impressions.

The World Ends With You, DS-$10

+ Enjoyable combat.
+I feel the need to progress though the some what whacky and weird game.
- Extremely Weird story, weird characters which is a huge turnoff.
- Do not get the Japanese references at all.

Daxter, PSP- $5

Haven't played enough of it yet but it seems like a good looking straight forward platformer.

Peggle, Itouch- $.99

Love this game to death and for the price of a hamburger im glad I took advantage of the sale.

Light Wars, Itouch- $.99

A Geometry wars clone that doesn't always control that well but is still loads of fun to play and at $.99 it was steal.

Might & Magic V, Steam- $5

+ Same great ****of play
+Graphical tune up is a nice addition.
-Not much has changed in the series.
-Some moments of slowdown.

Seven Kingdoms, Good Old Games (gog.com) - $6
A impulse buy as it's a game I played a lot during my childhood but it really hasn't aged that well.

Keep on gaming.


Update in Photos

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What has been consuming most of my time.

Recently accepted as a freelance staff reviewer for New Game Network.

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Yeah, this stuff is not that good.


Just popping my head in

So E3 has came and gone and man what a show, im not going to ramble on about it but I truly enjoyed the new Splinter Cell Convictions and Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2 footage and gameplay. Now here are some games I've been playing.

Prey $4: Retail via gogamer.com
+Unique character development.
+Environments are nicely detailed.
-Game looks like its cousins Quake 4 and Doom3/
-Gets boring after a few hours.

Stalker Clear Sky: $10: Retail

+Great atmosphere .
+The zone looks great.
-Still buggy as ever.
-One of the hardest games to date.

Duke Nukem 3D: $6: Digital Download

+Duke Nukem, nough said.
+Fun and whacky enemies.
-Dated graphics.
-Controls take a while to configure in the DOS box.

X-Com UFO Deffense $2.50: Digital Download

+Great mix of strategy, base management and exploration type game play.
+Lots of customization.
-Pacing is dreadfully slow.
-Steep learning curve.

Penumbra: Overture $2.50 Digital Download

+Builds up tension and unsettling to play.
+Sound and lighting effects are some of the best.
-Combat is weak and I mean weak.
-Easy to dye and difficult puzzles.


Company of Faith

   So I finally opened up my copy of Mirrors Edge that’s been in the shrink wrap sense Christmas you know why, School! Sense becoming Features editor for my school paper and taking on AP English I’ve had essays and stories to write constantly not leaving much time to play games. I’ve also been trying to fix my computer that reboots constantly (instead of getting the blue screen of “death”, which is what XP is set to defaultly).

   I had an idea of what to except form Mirrors Edge from playing the demo over and over, and I must say this is a great title. I’m not really into the cut scenes being animated yet I suppose they are refreshing from the constant asylum white hallways to the grey buildings and the story isn’t that great so far yet the game play is A+. That is when your run (duh) and doing the whole parkour thing. I find when encountering enemies the game really gets bogged down with the repetitive combat and boring gun fights. I never use guns because there hard they take the whole flow of the game away and that what makes this game so spectacular the flow. Running, jumping over barriers and sliding under pipes is so fluent and when jumping from building to building has you on the edge of your seat which implemented with solid good gameplay to great gameplay.

   Company of heroes is hands down my favorite game so far this year (yes ten days in this year, so what).  While it dose have a steep learning curve the sense of accomplishment is amazing. For those of you who don’t know CoH is a RTS for Pc and you take on the role of either American, Germans/Panzer Elites or British. The most drastic change from most RTS games (opt out War Hammer 40k games, relic made them) is that you capture resource points so you wont be building harvesters or supply depose, yet this is a double sided sword. While it changes p the gameplay you must also defend these points meaning there is a lot of running back and forth between attacking, defending base/control points and capturing enemy points.

  I’m currently enjoying the single player allot ore than the multiplayer due to the overall flow. Missions start with upgrades and a small amount of troops, when in multiplayer you start with no up upgrades and next to no defenses. While I do understand its standard convention for RTS games online to start from scratch I feel that only the hardcore do well in multiplayer.

I forgot to add a happy newyear blog so...Happy New year!


Quick Holiday Update

Heres just a quick update of my game related gifts.
-Company of Heroes:Gold-Company of Heroes and Opposing Front.
-Mirriors Edge-xbox360
-Batman:the Dark Knight
-Command and Conquer: Retro pack-Tiberium wars,Firestom,Redalert 2,Yuri's Revenge,Renagaded.
-PainKiller tripple dose-PainKiller,Batle out of Hel,OverDose.
-Unreal Anthology-Unreal,Unreal Tournament Edition,Unreal 2 the awakening and UTK 2004.

Will be back on live/steam soon just been to busy relaxing with the family.  I'm also going to pick up some games off steam like Bioshock $5 and the Half-life exspantions for.99 cents a piece.


Massive update

So it’s been a while sense I’ve done an update blog and man have I got a lot to get off my chest.  I found a copy of Baulders gate for PC in my closet and finally installed it and have only played about 5 minutes of it so will a have impressions some other time.    This month I’ve spent over $200 on games and am glad the rush of big titles is over.  

Left 4 Dead

I tried playing this for the first time on single player, just to get a feel for it.  After 5 minutes I was dead bored playing with the bots  and hoped onto Dead Air campaign with some fellow citizengamers and really had a blast. 

This is going to have to be my co-op game of the year, working with your team mates is essential to survival.  Graphically this game looks just okay, while the character models have the same great art style similar to Team Fortress 2 models. 

The AI director is the real star here, sending waves of enemies at you just as things start to get dull.  The biggest disappointment is the lack of enemy variety and weapon variety.

World of Warcraft 14 day trial

WTF,we all related?
WTF,we all related?

I’ve always wondered what all the fuss has been about world of war craft sense every one and there mums are playing it now.  I had to download three five hour patches before I could enter Azeroth and I got to say I don’t think my 15 hour wait have been justified.

One reason why I was interested in the game was the distinct art style/graphics.  I have always loved Blizzards concept art and graphics and well it really shows in the game.  I’m not a fan of having to find quest locations with out a map marker.  I enjoy getting to a location easily and having a difficult battle but not the other way around. 

I’m currently playing a level 5 Dwarf Hunter named Glasgo who’s not to shabby with an axe and while that’s all fine and dandy I’m sick of killing goblins and boar.  I really cant stand the steep learning curve (even though there’s a help option) and don’t like the feeling of being dropped into a game and feeling like I’m blind folded.     



I rented Season 1 from my local library and have to admit even thou I was skeptical I freakin love this show! I love how every episode leaves me with unanswered questions and mystery.  I find it very annoying how ever that they almost completely ignore the other 48 characters yet its understandable.  I’m currently watching season 2 on fancast.com, every episode to date in crisp and clear HD….as long as you have good internet connection. 

So that’s pretty much what I’ve been upto for the past 2 weeks.  I’ve had massive amounts of school work so havnt been able to get on XBL a lot but with thanksgiving break coming up I should have some more free time to game.  I’m probably going to have enough time to finish up my PC gaming editorial that iv been ranting on and on about.   




The Hordes are Amoung us



So tomorrow Left 4 Dead is being  released and if you didn't pre-load it (like me) your a fool.  I really cant wait to fight off hordes of zombies with friends over steam,so add me to your friends list if your picking this up (or play TF2 or DOD:source).  I'm also almost done with my World at War review which is taking me longer than i expected because of all the school work etc,I'm also currently working on a PC editorial (more in the coming days).  Take it easy guys -Jason

To Honnor the Fallen

I picked up Call of Duty:World at War box set that included the movie Enemy at the Gates.  I'll be writing up a review for citizengame.co.uk .  If you have a copy hit me up on XBL and we'll play some adversarial or co-op. 

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