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Multiplayer games (MMO)

Some games I actually don't recommended. It can be very tiring and grindy. But I did played those games long enough.

Even depends on community.

List items

  • No level up, just use your skill and play with your friends.

    Depends on servers. But they are kind, some might be screaming kids. But not that I've seen much. Mostly they are quiet and fun play with your friends and alone. Also it's very balanced.

    For the hats and other weapons are separated. You can get officially from leveling up and get without paying.

    Overall: Recommended. Also it's free.

    (My favorite MMO)

  • Glitches (like the down slide stairs, you can skip it that part, without even knowing), easy to learn the level design, (then I got lost the account (because i did not play it approximately 2 years) and created a new one) and then called you a cheater.

    Also the grinding of the same repetition over and over again. It gets tiresome.

    Also they deleted the clothes too over past years.

    Also it has a stupid attack button. You can also cheat just attack one and they quickly get behind. You'll get the result more toxic people.

    "Great work developers!"

    Overall: Not really recommended.

  • Also my first account got lost. So I created a new one. (1 years approximately)

    Repetition over the same Mission over again. Grinding......

    Just to unlock 1 character (the knight). And then through out the game from the beginning to the end.

    The community just want to be alone or own friends. They throw you out most of the time. Especially if you have lower/decent level.

    The "final boss" - Dungeon: Castle of Domination

    He is a pussy and not satisfying boss I ever fight with him.

    I stopped.

    Also even If I wanted to go more forward to the game (Archimedia - more dungeons), was not finished anyway. - Maybe it was Season 5-6.

    Overall: So, no more Grand Chase.

  • This game is fun. More like simulator:

    Get off the server and Join the server simulator.

    Quit the game and Play. (or watching someone until the end)

    It gets intense every time when they are less and less players into the center.

    It has very good sneaking and you can hear it the footsteps, which is great.

    It has nice community. The popularity on Youtube is a drop on the bomb.

    The problem is the lack of tutorial and other things like the modes. Probably they will update it.

    Overall: Recommended.

  • The beginning is really a struggle about the toxic people in every server you join. (noob, wtf, TOP!, gitgud, gg, OP!, report)

    The flaw is about lack of information about the game play of (like junglers) how to play. - no tutorial that exist - except if you look on YT and Wiki yes, but not on official site.

    It's kinda messy unexplained lackluster for newbies. Once you real in match. You have to really invested.

    To get the toxic people without even knowing that:

    You can steal the kill (buffs - jungles and animals), except the Dragon somehow (everyone gets a buff). - Hmmm COD anyone?

    It's fun to play when they are on the right team or with your friends. (sometimes not)

    You have to know what are you doing. Also it can get quickly get intense.

    Long hour of playing it can get tiresome just in 1 match.

    It's kinda balanced..??

    The problem is the buffs and team and it can quickly go overboard and kill the match. Like it was nothing.

    Overall: Kinda recommended.


    The Forum and the game are really separated. They seems don't know the game and complaining a lot and they are unhelpful community in there official forum. (Critique doesn't have the comments, because feelings.) Mostly are immature and they are living in a small bubble world forum.

    It seems even developers doesn't care both of them.

    No wonder reports doesn't work, nor get an answer.

    Overall: Don't bother it. It's not worth it.


    The main problem is LoL:

    -> They rely too much on Teamwork for winning. Rather than having fun. That's why, if you rage at someone you'll lose the round, because of the communication. If they have enough patience.

    If you're a pro, then you're attitude should be too. Pro should be the teachers.

    Noobs should be the students. Simple as that. Problem is, there is no learning curve, because tutorial, doesn't teach anything. You need friends to play.

    I might be ranting, but it's true. When you play, you've become an arrogant. (especially CoD)

    I think developers miss the biggest step there, no wonder they are toxic people, rather than being friendly.

    Also it takes too much time, to try to learn anything, unless If they are really invested.

    Even then people think it's too much put effort for it.

    It would be a better rule, if they put into a different direction.

    Everyone is learning.

    Reward vs punishment.

  • Brave Frontier RPG on Android

    I got lost the save file. - Early because It didn't exist the accounts to save. So I lost the motivation.

    Collection of cards, level up. It's kinda fun for short period of time. I kinda invested until I lost the progress.

    Not fun matching PvP the other players. It can get quickly unbalanced.

    Overall: Maybe recommended.

  • Spirit Stones on Android

    I got huge progress and lost the save file. - Early because It didn't exist the accounts to save. So I lost the motivation.

    It can quickly get invested into like a matching dots for attacking, magic, potions for the boss. It can get intense.

    Some are just high level you have to grind over again.

    The problem is for waiting for energy to play forward more in progress (wait or pay).

    Overall: Kinda recommended.

  • This game has SO many flaws, even on standards. I didn't actually believe it (because of popularity) until I play this game. - (on official website 2017)

    Grinding through the levels. DEMO: 1-20 level.

    The level design IS a dangerous place.

    Enemies attacking with no guards protecting in the place. Which should not be in there in the first place!

    I'm nowhere safe in this zone.

    No secret (items,weapons) rewarding for exploring.

    It's very hard to get invested especially long ass tutorials.

    PvP can be pretty unbalanced. - You have to have the right (items/armors/potions/etc..) and also hitbox are so off the limit it doesn't matter where you are.

    You'll die many times. Recovers are even more struggle to wait 8 minutes.

    Respawn enemies are bullshit. They are completely random. (Time & place)

    Drop items are annoying. Because it will be gone in some seconds.

    You can't change the class once you choose you stay that way. Remember kids: Mage doesn't heal. - except if you keep ONLY the enemies turning into a sheep and heal themselves somehow. WTF!

    Doesn't scale the difficult.

    It doesn't have the consistency sometimes: (Fire torches. Sometimes it hurts you, sometimes does not.)

    You're wasting MY TIME! Yes, The game told me that.

    Chat is too limited to talk also when you chat in long sentence, it just disappear.

    No movable HUD to organize yourself. Also it's very small on bigger screen.

    The most struggle of all is to how to find the friends (where are you? - also the map doesn't show anyway the players)

    You cannot be on the Team both having the same quest, unless you post it on Blizzard mail, not in the game.

    Overall: No, not recommended. At least not for me. (Did not age well.)

  • Grinding of fighting. To unlock just something. It can get boring.

    Also can be unbalanced for a fighting.

    It can be very laggy to fight other peoples.

    Overall: Not really recommended.

  • Not the Full Auto 2, because doesn't exist on Giantbomb, so I find it similar game called:

    UpShift StrikeRacer

    It can be very fun to play.

    Strategy thinking of shooting and evading.

    Also cheaters (hackers) like dropping the bomb infinitely.

    One time happened to me that someone cheated the dropping the bomb, I was really great dodging the bombs until the last part. Final lap he was on the first place and I was the second. When I accidentaly touch the bomb I fly through the final lap and won (1st place).

    The community were overboard. Lol. Great memories.

    Overall: Kinda recommended.

  • Repetition of the missions (kill x, get y, bring it to me and that's it, rinse and repeat)

    Overall: Not really recommended.

  • COD (2,4,6)

    You can steal the kill. No points for them. Ha.

    This is POINT death-match. Not TEAM death-match. Because they everything rely on themselves to be the TOP.

    It might have similar rules like CSGO, TF2, Overwatch, but it's SO different rule feel to the game. You feel like a lonely soldier with no connection of a teamwork. No wonder this is the most popular toxic people in the game community.

    Also zombies are not that popular on COD. (Only mods - which that doesn't count)

    Overall: Kinda recommended.

  • Not this game, other game called:

    Alter Aeon - Text Multiplayer RPG game by 1995.

    This game is still ON TO THIS DAY. Incredible.

    It has a lack of visual, because everything is on text. They have some easy simple graphics to control. Like a map, help, move, etc,..

    It's really about the exploring, role-playing, level up, secrets and many other things that is very rewarding.

    The community is nice and they are very kind and also they will help you.

    Overall: Try it.


    Bunny: Looks at you suspiciously.

    Me: I'm not gonna hurt you.

    Bunny: Looks at you suspiciously.

    Bunny: Looks at you suspiciously.

    Bunny: Looks at you suspiciously.

  • Overall: Recommended

  • Overall: Kinda recommended.

  • It has some nice ideas. Just problem is the execution.

    It's slow and that's why takes is too long just do one a single mission.

    Overall: Not really recommended.

  • It just mashing the same button. No skill required. No combos or anything. Also same boring enemies/bosses.

    Overall: Not recommended.

  • Overall: Recommended.

  • Overall: Recommended.

  • Simple graphics, no texts, only speech bubble expressions (happy, sad, angry).

    Find secrets, go with other animals (people) to join, to unlock something (skins, animals, artwork, etc,..)

    Pain in the ass to climb, you have to jump.

    They are still many people play to this day.

    Overall: Recommended. Especially for kids.

  • Overall: Not really recommended.

  • Overall: Kinda recommended.

  • (2014 - Unreal Engine 4)


    It's really great to play.

    Some levels you can fall into the pit.

    This is the most dynamic fast fight because of that sliding.


    Overall: Recommended.

  • People can be mean of your skill. Because you have to be precise timing of rocket wall jumping. Which is very difficult for beginners. At least it's not laggy.

    Before was free and now is pay.

    Overall: Kinda recommended.

  • Shooting and sliding simulator. Weeeeeee in to space!

    Overall: Kinda recommended.

  • Grinding everyday with a limited chest, to get a cards. - Unless you pay.

    Overall: Kinda maybe recommended.

  • If you play popular map de_dust2, so many times...

    The gameplay is fast and thinking more like a tactic game. For the level design is more like a strategic where that opponent goes. Which can be challenging, especially in far distances.

    The communities are good. I didn't see much that toxic people in here.

    For the weapons skins to buy (look at goddamn cost!). Good thing, It's separated. So many gambling with community. (not in the game)

    Overall: Recommended.

    Bomb has been planted.

    Terrorist WINS!

  • I did not play it. So I'm just guessing from my experience.

    Overall: Recommended.

  • It can be fun at first. But grinding over the same mission over and over again that completely loses the charm.

    Overall: Not recommended.

  • Overall: Not really recommended.

  • Long pathway to go that way and that way and this way...

    Card fighting is kinda and mostly with a lack of cards. Yu have to level up.

    The community is fine.

    Overall: Maybe kinda recommended.

  • I only played for Free version.

    Can be sometimes laggy.

    It happens to see rage quitters.

    You can clearly see when they got mad.

    Don't bother it, you did actually play well.

    For them/you, they/you need to learn to have a consequences. It's like BITCH, I'M OUT! They/you need to realize, not everything is for the winning/leveling up. It's about the match. It's a struggle, but eventually you'll become a better fighter. Don't give up, also rest for time to time.

    You can learn by watching a record by your match and you can see what went wrong. Which is very nice feature.

    This is the most smooth visible mechanics (basic straightforward) I ever seen in fighting game. You can quickly learn by mistake and do for the training.

    It balances quite nicely. Anyone can beat it.

    Not much for too OP. Just how you can use it.

    Also if you see someone is a casual, try to be respectful, level down. You can win once and when they are their turn, try to lose. They might try again with their fight. Probably you will discover something new in a process. Also they will appreciate it, if you're trying to teach them. It will not disappoint.

    Overall: Maybe recommended. (because for the price for unlocking all characters DLC Seasons)

  • I only played for Beta version.

    It's fun, use for different variety for demons.

    Overall: Try it.

  • It's really fun to combos to fight those enemies. Then once in a while becomes a little chore. Because of grinding.

    It's fun once in a while.

    Overall: Maybe kinda recommended

  • It's so random. So much variety. So much interactions!

    The community is very nice and kind. It's really helpful.

    It becomes difficult - DON'T STARVE.

    The difficult is very fun to start especially with friends or anyone who play as. Enjoyable for everyone. Even if you don't know what are you doing.

    Overall: Recommended

  • It can get boring after while. Especially kinda strict fighting and sluggish platforming.

    Especially for grinding.

    Even thought they have charming graphics, doesn't really mean it has a nice game play to it.

    Overall: Not really recommended.

  • It's been shutdown.

    I've forgot that I played it.

  • I only played for Beta version.

    It's fun to take a picture.

    Game play is not really have anything with tricks. So it becomes limited.

    Overall: Not really recommended.

  • No one is playing it. And I cannot review it either.

    Overall: This is where I put the players. If I had one!

  • Inspiration of LoL, but not chats.

    It's get intense with a simple rule - Team-death match arena.

    Overall: Kinda recommended

  • Overall: Maybe recommended

  • Overall: Recommended (Note: Some mods are required in some games. Like TF2, CSGO, etc,..)

  • Based on a game: Yomi - card game

    Alpha version

    The connections can be extremely laggy.

    Fighting is TOO much BASIC and very stiff to play.

    Is it balanced? No, not really. Because you can do the combos and you'll die extremely fast. Just because of the life bar is used like a slots.

    And also the characters itself they have a problem. Like a Dragon transform it is SO much OP. The combat is everything rely on projectiles.

    Overall: Not really recommended.

    (Also the updates are not really that improvement. [some things are worse: like a voice acting])

  • Card game

    It's very thinking like a Paper, Rock, Scissor game.

    It can be very difficult for beginners.

    Overall: Kinda recommended.

  • Camping, destruction buildings, teamwork.

    Overall: Recommended.

  • I played free to play in weekends.

    The combat is kinda clumsy. Especially tight hallways with level design is very difficult to fight.

    Of course, don't fight many people at once or less in your groups in tight spots. You'll be dead. You need to fight at least in big open area and with your groups.

    The close combat (like a paper, rock, scissors) it is kinda ok, they are not very responsive - they somehow delay because of the animation (not the stamina). Especially if you're playing on PC your awkward mouse movement which is worst delay, than using your joystick controls.

    Overall: Try it.

  • It is fun for period of time and then it gets boring after while, because of limited variety.

    Overall: Maybe kinda recommended.

  • Oldschool / New

    If you have a registered Runescape you can play it both games. You don't need 2 accounts, which is cool.

    Both games are suck for windows sizes. Because UI/HUD is still small on bigger screen. You need Windows Magnifier or change the resolution screen to see the darn text.

    C'MON! We are in 2018 and still didn't manage to update it!

    OK, let's compare those 2.

    Both are grindy.

    Both games have weird fucking faces.


    Surprisingly they still play to this day.

    The community is decent.

    It might have some outdated controls.

    The inventory could have some better organizing (like categories).

    The map is very useful. Especially you can walk & you can check at same time.

    The camera is very simple. You zoom-in/out, spinning and it's not really complicating and it gets a job done.

    The game has a little more personality with NPC.

    Tutorial is really good.

    It has some progression.

    It's more open freedom to go.

    The graphics reminds me Final Fantasy 7.

    Overall: Kinda recommended.


    Community is kinda less players than oldschool and they are OK.

    It might have some improvement or easy to navigate like a crafting/log a fire with simple click/cooking, etc...

    The tutorial is very similar to the old one. But not everything. Some are moved like the range combat into the Quest, rather than tutorial. I'll say, it's different.

    It has some progression..

    The map is useful, but you can't walk & check at same time... Because it's not a window.. It's rather a full-screen. Which is a shame.

    You can change the UI/HUD anywhere you want. This is really good.

    NPC have less personality than the old one.

    Lags a lot more. The animations, the movement. No, it's not the problem with a server. I checked it.

    Misleading tutorials miss directions in the dungeons, this is the most problem with a level design. They somehow fucked it up.

    Small inventory.. But it has a categories, which is kinda plus.

    Less customization (no sleeves), no changeable faces (WTF is wrong with a girl face), limited colors.

    Graphics has a lot of problem in here.

    Weird glitches. (The portal you are standing is not on the same spot). The animations are weirdly shaped or awkward stopping/repeating animations which is not very appealing. Also they do not sit properly. Not very visible to attack the enemy, wrong animations like a magic attack (it looks like a shield rather than attacking the opponent). Mostly are errors.

    The most main issue is the camera. It might have the "Free-mode" camera movement. But it is very limited. You can't look up the sky (if you are in zoom-ed in), only what objects what they are there. Which is very awkward to use, even if you use the map it's kinda difficult to navigate, because it spins around especially you can miss on the dungeons. Don't play in zoomed in...

    I should say. This game is for Beta version.

    Overall: Not really recommended.