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Questionable genres of games

The games of genres I simply don't really understand, how the game works. Not because the game is bad. It simply goes kinda advanced or thinking the other way around from different perspective, which I didn't figure it out. Some games have a problem with a newbie tutorials or have lack of a direction, that can confuse you. Or maybe just me.

Those games are:

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  • I still can't figure it out, how the structure works. It made sounds simple, but I don't know how it works. Like the CITY, ROADS, PEOPLE, HOW TO GET A MONEY, etc,...

    I learned a little from game called:

    Cities: Skylines

  • I'm talking about the RPG games. Not the maker.

    First I didn't understand it the Final Fantasy, Zeliard games, because of lack of tutorial, unfriendly fast paced, don't know what to do (very old games).

    One game that teaches me everything is:

    Chrono Trigger

    Every MMORPG has the same problems with using classes.

    You can't use of period of time or at least have a freedom to use any of the weapons.

    When you choose this class, YOU HAVE TO STICK WITH IT, even if you don't like it. You have to create a WHOLE NEW CHARACTER CLASS and START ALL OVER AGAIN (grinding, story/quests, etc).

    Which is a real shame.

    The only rpg game that does not matter which class is:

    - Skyrim

  • Everything on SIMULATOR (driving, flight, etc,..).

    Because lack/weird tutorials and weird controls (you have to remap), how does this things works.

    It's like they trying to be realistic and be boring as possible. (makes sense)

    The problem is there is no training like an empty space to try it out. Which is a real shame to teaching you of anything.

    Mostly they are VERY STRICT rules, which you can't even try to lose it.

    It's not like I'll try it in real life anyway.

  • Clicking games.

    I simply sometimes don't understand the hiding spots. You have to click EVERYTHING to find something out if you miss the spot.

    Some puzzles can be illogical at first.

    Most games I have the problem like I figure it out the B,D plan of puzzles but not the A,C simply because I can't find it or something is illogical solution or simply everything is under your nose.

  • It's something you have to figure it out - the cards that are on the table and the opponent what does it have and you need to something to trick them. Like money raise like you have them or not. It's based on like a survival.

    POKER FACE! Full House. Pairs.

  • Firstly I didn't understand it, because of weird tutorials that didn't explained very well.

    Eventually I found it on YT that did make sense.

    Eventually I try it out and finally figure it out myself.

    Mostly the beginning is a simple rule and when you go on, you just repeat it the same rules over and over and eventually you'll remember it.

    Now I can do it, without a tutorial. YES!

  • In the beginning, even It had a simple game play of structure to controls. I didn't understand how to win the main of the goal.

    Or I know the goal. But the most problem is the difficult of the game of chess. It's not really that friendly beginners.

    1. BEAT the KING.

    2. Watch out your every move of your piece (you have to know what pieces they are) - the most important part are the bottom ones: KING, QUEEN, HORSE, ROOK, BISHOP and even PAWS.

    3. Think what opponent would do. (There is many IF's )

    4. Trick them like they will eat you, but you eat them back that is something important to them and...

    Check mate.

  • Too much tutorials, it's hard to get invested.

    It should at least have a template for beginners or something.

    Probably it has, but I didn't really invested that much.

  • The music sections.

    Everything on music.

    Sometimes you need to learn the beat on the right time.

    Some games have the problem with the beating of the feel. Or different instruments that you mostly not hear it.

    Once you get that, now you shine it.

    Even sometimes is that hard to control up to right beat. You'll have to remember every move.

  • It's a weird shaped. But it exactly similar to the board games to Ludo, Snake and ladder.

    You start off in bottom right corner. Then you walk out to the left side and then go up left corner. Then lastly go to the top right. When you bring all of them pieces to the top right, then you can finish, just like a Ludo.

  • Most of times just a progression how much you invested into that game. Not in the game. The problem is there is no simply rewarding on itself. Most of times, if you want to complete 100%, it's mostly missing the other parts like the secrets, which they are not mention it, even thought it's in the game or sometimes even not working properly to get it.

    When it has the achievements in the game, most of times it's separated, like timer, challenges, etc. That means you have to play it TWICE, when you already beat the game. Why did NOT achievements activated already from the get-go, if you already a good player? This is most of times are not well thought out.

    Please, if you play on hardest difficult it should give a better reward that you won't feel like it was worth for nothing and also the same goes for the completion.

    Also difficult should have never be locked in the beginning, just to unlock the longest way progression or beating the game, just leave as it is.

    The achievements are not really that important. If you enjoy it might as well go through.

  • Android

    I'm talking about the most popular one. Google play.

    The reviews are mostly for shits and giggles.

    I've seen most of time customers/developers are pretty much assholes (including me) and I can see why.

    First and foremost are games problems, which has:

    -> Requires an Internet (No offline mode)

    * Slows down performance (ads, updates, etc...)

    * Doesn't save (cloud [Google], storage device, backup) or even corrupts save file

    * Every single update (notifications, fixes, already starting the game and it's not even finished [even thought we finished the download from the start], too much space fills up [I'm looking at you Hearthstone - 1GB (original download) and downloads another (0.8GB), which is almost 2GB (1.8GB) update! Really? Why didn't put the WHOLE package in there and NOT WASTING TIME?

    -> Micro transactions

    * pretty much ruins everything and becomes unbalanced that effects to the game-play, such as: RPG (leveling up, boosters, best "op" cards, gems)

    * Wasting times about 30 seconds repetitive ads and get a DOUBLE POINTS (Well, I mean, it works. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

    * Waiting simulator (limited chests, every day/week/months) just to play a single game for less than 5 minutes, then you can't play it anymore, because of those limitation of LIFE/ENERGY wasted. (We have seen too much for this, it's basically too much focused on that, rather than the game itself)



    Occasionally, tasks may test your patience, but who says money can't buy time?

    I have quite the polarizing solution to make that timer disappear.


    -> Ads

    * mostly are in the way something that interrupts the game-play

    (full-screen, FULL-VOLUME sound, banners, slows down performance, internet connections)

    Like BIG GREEN BUTTON that you would MISTAKENLY & PRESS IT THERE. Cancel button is mostly not very visible as a quick look. I see what you did there. (Natural instinct)

    * not enough ads and becomes boring repetitive (even if you have that app),

    * Fake ads (to get attention, the nonexistent game is better than the game we got, it's disappointing)

    * Attentions whores (NOOB vs PRO - even thought they are NOT in the same level, but they tried to piss you off [at least not for me] to try the game out)

    * Disgusting ads (really? We have seen enough of that.)

    * SEPARATED ADS? (one that is common and other is uncommon. Now pick your poison.)

    -> Tutorials

    * Force tutorials, NO SKIPS (even if you knew already)

    * They force you to SPEND the GEMS & not giving back the same value like it was.

    * No tutorials after you skip (yes, no manuals either in this game)


    [if you give less, they will be quiet]


    Because it's too early to like it.

    Like already starting the game, not even a minute and it is already showing up.

    I understand that we can make a choice to skip, but you give so early that we cannot give a decide if it's good enough.

    No wonder you have bad reviews, already from the beginning.

    Now developers problem:

    * No forums/chat (example: Discord), ONLY (how can we trust on that?)

    * Bots/developers cliches (Thank you for corporation, We are sorry that you didn't like, etc..., we will improve the game or whatever, etc...)

    [I've seen some honest dev reviews (which some are not their fault) and some are pretty hilarious comeback XD]


    Customers reviews problems

    * Bots (5 STARS, too short in 1 sentence or mostly 5 words)

    They are trying to trick us. Because of popularity. And then you see bad reviews.

    * Positives (wow, best, simple, addictive, )

    * Negatives [mostly are threats] (ASP (as soon as possible!),

    - FIX IT!!!!! (bro, c'mon, give some time, and also for yourself too),

    - I didn't like so I'm not gonna play it anymore, IT SUCKS!!!!, I'M MAD!!!!, (but doesn't explain why?)

    - THIS IS THE WORST GAME, I GIVE 1 STAR, I MEAN NO STARS [even thought he didn't even tried it],

    - DELETED ALL MY SAVE FILES (which is really true, when they said it, because it happens so many times in those devices, not saving on a cloud properly or even on your device, so be cautious about it),

    - BLACK SCREEN, UPDATE SUCKS! [I mean some phones are not capable somehow or not much strong enough to use it. But before working and it's not working anymore on the same device, then it's something very suspicious, hmmmm.])

    - I PAYED & DIDN'T WORK & STILL SHOWS ME THE ADS (That's also true, I don't know if even developers test their own game or even use it.)

    - GIVE THIS GAME FOR FREE! (it somehow works, when they listen developers, I don't know, if it's good or not.. I mean, if it really doesn't work for device or mostly outdated, might be as well be free)

    Now the Google play problem:

    -> 300 words for the review IS NOT ENOUGH (also, there is NO new lines, so everything is SQUEEZED together) [how can you be serious about it?]

    -> 5 stars? No decimals? Like 2.5 stars? (No, it doesn't exist. Only 2 OR 3 stars) Only GOOD OR BAD GAME

    -> Translations of game titles and descriptions are too stupidly hilarious. The "developers/indies" did not even tried it.

    Do they improved the Google play experience on others?

    -> I don't know, it's kinda mixed bag. Some did really motivates them to work the developers. Some are completely lazy or not even cares. Or it's mostly abandoned.

    -> The developers did improve some experience, to get attentions to a people, easy and quick to use. But not all of them, most of them are really bad executions. But it works to get them attentions.

    -> Money, I don't know how much they get profit (maybe 1 click ad, how many downloads are have) I know that for sure, that they learned to cheat & tricks. (because every one does) Humans are made to be greedy by default (knowledge, stuffs, collecting rewards and wanting more, basically addiction). And the people/kids/customers are still surprised nonetheless.


    -> Please, DON'T PUT MOBILE GAMES on PC/CONSOLES those MICRO TRANSACTIONS & ADS. We don't want anything near them. We bought them. Also it's not fun. Also developers PLAY/TEST YOUR GAME. DID YOU ENJOY IT? DID YOU LIKE IT? HMM? Give me 5 STARS! Oh and also I give you an AD, while starting the game!

    -> Delaying Loading screens programs/games for such a simple task! I understand online though (good & bad connection), but not the CONSTANT online.

    Overall: We have still a lot of learn.