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Final Fantasy XIV, you're not up to a good start.

OK, so my Demon's Souls copy that I ordered came... and it turns out then sent me the Chinese version, so I had to sent it back. So bloging about that game is delayed significantly ATM. In other news.
I installed the FF XIV beta, and my God, does it have some fundamental problems. I have it on my computer 3 days now, and still didn't even witness the main menu. What did I get to see? The patcher. For hours and hours...
 I really don't know who programmed this, but you ser are an IDIOT. It's a Peer-to-peer downloader, and that's not necessarily bad by itself if p2p connections are used to suplement proper patch servers and the whole thing is programmed properly. The thing is that this patcher isn't anything like that.
First and foremost, download speeds suck. As I'm writing this, the speed is 30 Kb/s, and that's really good for this thing. Estimated download time of one patch file (and there are more to come) - 25 hours. You know it's bad when your download service can't provide you with the download. The beta requirements stated that participants "need to be able to download large amounts of data." Well apparently you are not capable of giving the large amounts of data, so shut up.
Second, this thing sucks out all your upload after you get a few parts of the file downloaded. Anyone who knows how p2p works knows that you need to cap your upload to about 80-90%, so that the rest can be used for other p2p related traffic and so that you'll still be able to browse the Internet. This thing doesn't have any sort of capping ability, and uses all the upload, slowing itself down in the process because it can't work right. Also, good luck using the Internet, and waiting till you can send a "I want to view this page" request every time.
Third, it uses 100% of one of your processor cores CONSTANTLY. WHY? What sort of rocket science and cancer research are you computing that it would require such processing power? Is it because the patcher constantly plays music that was cool at first, but I'll puke if I hear it somewhere in the game after listening to it for 20 hours? Thank God that you at least had the brains to not play it if the patcher isn't the focused window. Then I REALLY wouldn't be able to use the computer. Not that I can play a game though, since you're using my efing processor like it's some sort of slave mule.
Finally, the straw that broke the camels back and made me write this. Every time a new patch comes out, and you where in the middle of patching, you have to download the patch from scratch again! I ask again, WHY? You can't provide anything near adequate download speed and after I spent 2 days and 1 night trying to download this patch and got up to 65% I wake up only to find that a new patch came out, and the file I was downloading, is invalidated and I have to start from scratch.
I can't leave this computer on for a whole day and night just downloading your patches. I have work to do that requires processing power that you're taking away. I want to browse the Internet sometimes. I want to entertain myself and play a game at least once a day. You made it so that the patcher can't coexist with any of this. I just pray that there won't be any new patches till at least Monday so that I can have ample time to download file H2010.07.15.2000.