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My Top 10 (because everyone has to have one)

Because everyone has to have his personal Top 10 list sooner or later, I've decided to make one now.

Keep in mind that this is my personal list - there may very well be some great games besides these, but I never played them, they didn't have a big impact on me like these games did or they just weren't made for me.

16/09/2010 - League of Legends and Mass Effect 2 replaced Indigo Prophecy and Psyhonauts on spots 9 and 10

16/12/2012 - Cop out time! I have expanded the list to over 10 titles. Treat anything below 10 as a "honorable mention". Journey came in and games from #5 down have been reorganized.

List items

  • Now here's something I doubt you'll see on anyones list, and it takes the number one spot right of the bat.

    Fate/stay night in a Visual Novel. You can compare it more to a book then a "game", but I don't care. The story sucked me in and made my emotions stir like never before through the ~120 hours I've played it and I love it to death.

  • Oh, there's a big surprise! Yeah, well, saves me the trouble of typing.

    This was the first serious RPG I've played back in the day, and what made me fall in love with the genre. I love 9, I love 6... but 7 had the most impact for me.

  • It's not the Final Fantasy characters. It's not the Disney characters. It's the unique style and pure gameplay and fun that made me play through this game many times over. Sure, it has some problems, but I didn't care because I was having fun. Fun.

  • A game that everyone should play, I don't care how. There's nothing quite like it. It's a very unique gem in the gaming world.

  • Yeah, and MMO. One that I've played for just about 4,000 hours. One that I've made many friends with. One that I think is the best MMO on the market, because it tried to do things differently and doesn't force anything down your throat. You can play pretty much any way you want and still be able to play it.

  • The predecessor of the "Tales" series. You might think that there's nothing extraordinary about the game, and you might be right, but the characters and unique battle system sucked me into the game, and made this the 2nd best RPG I've played.

    Now if only Europe would stop getting shafted and finally started getting some proper releases of the series...

  • The true successor to DotA. I hate DotA. It has nothing that can bring new people into the game and is bogged down with interface issues (a limitation of being a Warcraft 3 mod). LoL takes the core gameplay and streamlines it without dumbing it down. It's addicting and incredibly fun, regardless of your skill level. [shameless plug] Play now and please use my referral link :P https://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4b4e399163229 [/shameless plug]

  • Oh Journey. I thought the wait would not be worth it at times, but I saw wrong. I wasn't sure if the multiplayer would work out but I was wrong! This is a great game that's both really well designed from a gameplay perspective and most importantly from an emotional and atmosphere perspective.

    I was never so sympathetic to complete strangers as when I was playing this game. Near the end there's a part where big monsters use searchlights and you can hide under small arches. My companion made a break for it and didn't make it. I watched as the monster came down and hit him. He flew far away hit by the impact and wasn't moving. I was terrified. I quickly made sure no monsters were nearby and ran straight to him.

    He was alive, but he almost completely lost his scarf. Up until now he had a longer scarf then me and seemed to know what to do better then me, I was looking up to him. But now it was he that needed me to protect him for the rest of our journey. I will never forget that moment.

  • When I bought it, I wasn't expecting much more then a solid and fun time with a good shooter, just like I had with CoD 1 and 2.

    Boy, was I mistaken. Then game blew me away like a scrap of paper. From the initial tanker mission, last American mission, AC-130 mission and sniper mission, to the explosive finally and epilogue. The game always had something up it's sleeve to surprise me.

  • A pretty good example of "how to make a sequel". Gameplay was changed to remove the clunky parts of ME1 and make a more exciting game, the universe of ME is still great, characters are interesting, watching your choices from ME1 take form here is really cool and gives you a feeling that you're actually doing something that matters and is permanent. Oh, and the game has some decent DLC.

  • How many projects made in the free time for a bunch of random people make it through completion after nearly 5 years. And with such good effect too.

    Yes, another visual novel. It's free and you should play it. It's not the next Lord of the Rings, but the stories told are relateable, and thought provoking and the characters are interesting and instill feelings towards. It's obvious if you look at the game more closely that it's made by a bunch of different people but if you look past some rough spots you can have a enjoyable time.

  • Yeah, kind of a cop-out, but I like the whole franchise. Any single game would probably not be strong enough to make the list, but combined, they do. It's silly and stupid at times, and punishingly difficult the next, but overall, it's charming.

    And just so it's not a complete cop-out: my two favorite games in the series are "Imperishable Night" and "Hisoutensoku".