Nuts and Bolts is a far better game than it has any right to be

You've surprised me, game.
You've surprised me, game.

 Before I start let me give you of an idea of the kinda guy I am. I would personally give every single member of rare during the n64 era oral sex. Back then they were the best dev in the world producing hit after hit, until the GameCube era when they hit a creative nadir and haven’t really recovered. I lay awake at night weeping over what rare have become, with most of its key people gone and those that remain being forced to lick bill gates tiny boots.  (Keep in mind this is my opinion you may well disagree but you're not changing my mind on this)

Anyway when I found out that the next banjo was going to be a vehicle builder my first reaction was to cry tears of blood. So I see this game in a bargain bin sale and pick it up to see just how much they raped my favourite characters, figuring I can return it within the week and get my money back.  

Much to my goddamn surprise it’s actually a good game. sure the level design is somewhat uncreative due to the freedom you have with the vehicles, the lack of real plot or stakes is annoying and  the physics can get stupid sometimes with things launching when they shouldn’t and getting stuck to objects, but the goddamn vehicle creator!  

When I started I was overwhelmed and scared to deviate from blueprints, but through subtle modding I gained the confidence to create my own vehicles from scratch, mixing and matching parts till I got just the right combination. The sheer triumph you feel when you spend half an hour tweaking your car till it’s just right for the challenge is beyond anything I’ve experienced. But the sheer freedom the creator gives you is amazing.
 Plus the fact rare constantly takes the piss out of itself by leaving references such as grabbed by ghoulies disks in garbage bins doesn’t hurt either. 
In conclusion while this isn’t the sequel I wanted, it’s still a damn fine game and I hope they make another combining the old school game play with the vehicle creator.