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A New Age of Hunting Monsters 0

Monster Hunter World smooths over some of the rough edges while maintaining the core of what is enticing about Monster Hunter and proves that this franchise should be on console. The appeal of Monster Hunter has always been kind of a tantalizing mystery to me. As someone who is a big fan of the Soulsborne series, I am no stranger to franchises with a bit of an initial investment cost. This is my third monster hunter game but the first one on console and (maybe more importantly) the first one I ...

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A Pretty Super Super Mario Party! 0

Mario Party is possibly one of Nintendo’s most divisive properties. People seem to think along the lines of “This is fun chaos!” Or “This game and concept should burn.”To give you an idea of which camp I fall into: the last birthday party I had saw me and eleven other people situated under one roof, running three separate games of Mario party, by my request. Needless to say that house has since burned down and I am currently doing six months for aggravated assault....

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