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Why I am not in a hurry to buy a PS5/Xbox Series X this year

As someone who has a PS4 which I got in 2014 and a Xbox One which I got in 2015, I am in no rush to jump to the PS5 and Xbox Series X this year. Reason being is I am not really interested in jumping to the next generation of consoles just yet. I see the PS4 as still having life left in it and I haven't even played all of the exclusives on PS4 yet. I am not bored of the system just yet and have barely stuck my teeth in the library of games. Plus there's the cost of getting a PS5 which won't be cheap and I don't have that kinda cash to spend on a system and would never spend $600 on it. I wanna wait at least a couple of years and ride the PS4 till Sony stops supporting it and dedicates itself to the PS5. Xbox Series X, I dont' even play my Xbox One that much though have slowly gotten into Gears of War franchise and Halo. I like Fable though I would have to see when that releases which is the only game that I am liked on Xbox.

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Killzone 2

Just preordered online Killzone 2 at Gamestop just for the demo even though I was in the beta but can't talk about it. The game will be one of the best shooters in 2009 in my opinion from what I have played even though it was only a beta and not the final game. Can't wait for next month to come because going to be awesome and live up to the hype. Anyone preorder the game just get to access to the demo a few days early than everyone else who doesn''t because they have to wait till the week that that game launches to have access to the demo which will be available on PSN.