Biggest Douchebags

This is a not-so-special list of all the video game characters that are to my disliking. Some may be obvious and some may surprised you.

Douche bag from The English Dictionary:

  1. n.
    a wretched and disgusting person. (Rude and derogatory.) :Don't be a douche bag. Pick up your things and go home, Chuck.
  2. n.
    an ugly girl or woman. (Rude and derogatory.) : Look at that face! What a douche bag!

Warning: Parental Advisory. Explicit Contents

Last Update: October 11th, 2017

List items

  • The Romine Brothers.

  • He may not be a video game character but he certainly fits to be one as a lousiest villain ever conceived. Uwe Boll is one of the worst directors of all time like Ed Wood. Why? Because he makes movies which are badly written, contains awful scripts and poorly directed.


    Worst of all, he makes video game movies and he doesn't even play video games at all. What the hell? How could you make a movie without referring to the source material? It's like making The Lord of The Rings trilogy without reading the books beforehand.


    Seriously dude. Just retire.

  • The biggest douchebag of them all. Peach is the most useless character ever made because she gets captured by Bowser every single time. Ever heard of self-defense, you stupid bitch (Hey, bitch rhymes with Peach. Makes sense)? What do you see in her, Mario? If I were the Italian plumber, I'd just ignore her completely. This princess can go f**k herself.

  • Another douchebag that's so irritating it hurts me even to write this paragraph down. Arthas wished the best for his kingdom but as time went on, his desire for conquest clouded his reasoning.


    In order to proof that he doesn't have a tiny dick, he insulted his fellow superior Lord Uther the Lightbringer, ditched his sorceress girlfriend Jaina Proudmoore, killed his best friend Muradin Bronzebeard and slaughtered his own dad with no remorse. Worst son ever. Arthas truly brings my piss to a boil and I wish for his death to be loud and painful.

  • Steve Ballmer is a loud, cocky CEO who still thinks that Microsoft is the best company in the world. It's not. The most annoying thing about him is his denial to accept the company's failures and errors. For the last time dude, Windows Vista sucks balls and your other products are falling apart. Don't you deny it. The only good thing you ever done is the launch of the XBOX. Do keep that rolling ok?

  • Fortune is one sad and confused woman. She is blessed with the supernatural power of being invulnerable to mortal attacks but she doesn't value it at all. Instead, she complains about it asking why she is "cursed" with this power and begs others to find ways to end her misery.


    Here's a bright idea; since nobody else can kill you, why don't just try doing it yourself? Yes, suicide is a horrible thing but since you don't value your life, this may save you a lot of trouble.

  • Uggh! These Headcrabs are truly annoying. They always get in your way, always jumping right in front of you scaring the hell outta you, and always giving that annoying high-pitched sound that can hurt my ears.


    If there's one weapon Valve needs to put in future Half-Life games is an insect spray or better yet, an insectthrower. A combination of flamethrower and an insect spray. I'd love to spray this killer goo to these little critters.

  • Alfred was a gay individual who had the desire to dress in women's clothing and fantasized his twin sister in his "masturbate" room. Eww!

  • If there's one thing I hate about this guy, is that he'd insult your intelligence with his slow-paced and irritating voice. Real annoying villain.