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Unappreciated Games that Deserve some Credit and Recognition

Here are some of the games that were either not well-received by the critics or were cast out from the limelight. They may not be the best games you ever play but really, there are not as bad as people said it'd be.
(Not in any particular order)

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  • One of the best storytelling on the Cthulhu Mythos, DCoTE is a spectacular game that not many people are aware of. It has the insanity feature much like Eternal Darkness but this one's more surreal and creepy. If you're a survival horror fan and happen to stumble upon this game, definitely check it out. It's an amazing and thrilling experience!

  • It's puzzling to me as to why people critically panned this game as a lot of crap. It's not. Dark Void is an amazing game from beginning to end. Sure, it could've been longer and the mechanics could've been better but overall, Dark Void is a lot of fun. From the flying to the shooting to the ducking, I really enjoyed playing this game and I don't see any reason why you should avoid it. Why people bad-mouthed Dark Void so much? Please tell me!

  • I don't understand when people say that the gameplay in The Club is broken and boring. I loved it the first time I play it and it still sticks to me as an original action-packed game. The reason the Club is a fun game because the way the stages are build. The moment you start moving your character, you're in for an adrenaline rush because there are so many things happening around you that you just can't sit around and do nothing. Both the residents and time are against you and all you have is your arsenal of weapons and the will to survive, and that what makes the Club so mindblowingly good.

  • The Army Men series may be programmed by retards who suck cow dungs for supper, but deep inside this 3DO creation lies an amazing universe that is filled with fun, humor and creativity. It's like Toy Story but with armies, guns and a lot of bang. The recent games may not be so great but the original PC and PlayStation lineups were a lot of fun, even though they can be quite frustrating.

  • While the movie of the same name may not be something of a masterpiece, but it has its charm that most people can relate to. The video game on the other hand is pretty unique too because it's a real-time strategy game without emphasizing on buildings but more on the units and destruction side of things. The coolest aspect is the idea of seeing these toys coming to life using household items such as batteries, baseballs, toys, and silverwares to create havoc on the opposing team. The audio and the story is well executed too, with memorable characters, funny catch phrases, catchy music and Tommy Lee Jones voicing the main antagonist Major Chip Hazard.


    In a nutshell, Small Soldiers: Squad Commander is an impressive RTS game that a lot of people may take it for granted just by looking at the front cover but really, it's not a disappointment.

  • Directed by the George A. Romero of video games, God Hand is a spectacular beat-em-up with lots and lots of humor, punches and challenges. Think of it as Final Fight with ten times the enemies, ten times the music, ten times the action moves and ten times the awesomeness. The story may lack any sense but don't let that stop from you from enjoying it because God Hand has one of the best soundtrack and gameplay mechanics ever to grace on the PS2.


    With the ability to customize your attack moves from an overwhelming list of punches and kicks to the magnificent sounds composed by Masafumi Takada and Jun Fukuda, God Hand is a must buy for anyone who has a great sense of humor and has the patience to face some of the frustrations you'll ever face in your life because this game can be really, REALLY tough.

  • A sequel to a not-so-known title called Post Mortem, Still Life is a point-and-click adventure game with a lot of twists, mysteries and suspense. It's one of those games that really makes you think and keeps you guessing of what will happen next. Aside from its complex and confusing puzzle games, Still Life is a throwback to the classic adventure games that still feels fresh even if they're using an old formula.