Gangsters: Organized Crime

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    In Gangsters, players are in control of a growing crime syndicate, and the objective is to be the leading family in Chicago.

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    In the game Gangsters, players are in control of a growing crime syndicate. The goals of the game are maintaining and expanding territories, influence, economy and manpower. Players can either go straight, be elected as mayor of Chicago or be the last man standing – by either outliving or eradicating all the other crime organizations. These objectives are reached through extorting business owners, moonshining, illegal gambling, creative lawyers and accountants, and other activities generally frowned upon by the 1930s police officials.

    Your gangsters have different skills suiting them for different missions, and several aids can be purchased for them to carry out their missions, ranging from knives to tommy guns and vehicles to ease their daily illegal shenanigans. The player can increase the volume and quality of gangsters in their employ by recruiting during the work week. If gangsters are not happy with their pay or other aspects of their employment they may begin skimming profits from their activities. This can be discovered if the accountant is instructed to audit the employee in question. The player can deal with this by giving a raise to improve moral, firing or killing the problem gangster(s).

    Players also must avoid the police and the FBI. However, they can be dealt with via bribery and threats, and violence. Players can improve their reputation by donating money towards the church, running a soup kitchen or bribing local media outlets.


    The game switches between turn-based and real time gameplay. In the turn-based part of the game, players select the gangsters' actions at the beginning of the week. After the actions have been planned, the actions are then carried out in the following week in real time.

    In the working week, players have the option to change orders and actions if it does not play out the way intended, or if the gangsters suddenly have too much time on their hands.

    After the work week is completed the results of the players actions as well as the opponents actions are reported in the turn-based portion of the game.

    PC System Requirements

    • Windows 95/98 or Me
    • Pentium 133 (Min.)
    • 4x CD-ROM drive
    • 16MB RAM (Min.)
    • 2MB DirectX 6 compatible SVGA Graphics card
    • DirectX 6 compatible sound card
    • 350MB free hard drive space
    • Mouse & Keyboard

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