All of you are sheep! (...Ok most of you)

I beleive people should just play games that they want to play, don't get caught up in this whole debate about develiopers being lunatics, Law suits and counter suits going everywhere...

I played the demo, and it had a few kinks, but all in all it looks like a game that i'll enjoy, so i'll get it once it gets released in Australia. Too many people in the gaming community are sheep and just follow what everyone else says.


Make up your own minds people! If you liked the demo, GO AND GET THE GAME!.. If you didn't, then don't get the game.

Fair enough if you want to take all the bad reviews on board, but most reviewers know all too well about what the game has gone through in terms of platforms, engines, funding etc. And they judge the game on those facts.People don't generally note the reviews out there that gave Too Human a good wrap (yes there are those reviews). We wouldn't be having this conversation if it was a game that was only in development for 2 or so years. I only knew the game was in development about 6-8 months ago, so i didn't get caught up in all the crap that went on 9-10 years ago.

All i do know is, i'm not going to listen to all the power trippers out there that think their word can change everyone elses.

Get over it, either buy the game, or don't. I know what my choice is.