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Brain-Busting Fun 2

Alexander Bruce's Antichamber is, quite possibly, the best puzzle game since the original Portal (I set aside Portal 2 because its a sequel and, frankly, in an entirely different league thanks to the wonderful story). Not since that blindside surprise has a game drawn my attention and gotten me hooked on its puzzling. But while Portal could be tricky, I never had to work as hard as I have to solve Antichamber's devious rooms. It's longer, too, not just because it's more difficult. Whether all of...

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Fun But Frustrating 0

As a long-distance admirer of the Monkey Island series (I haven't yet compelled myself to play through them entirely), I was excited to see what Ron Gilbert and the people Double Fine had in store with The Cave. The end result was a fine experience hampered by occasional tedium and somewhat confusing storytelling. But let's start with the good.It is clear that Gilbert's sense of humor is about as sharp as ever, and the fine artwork/animation put in by the skilled DF staff accentuated it beautifu...

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