Best of 2010

PurpleSpandex: Best of 2010

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  • Does this really need an explanation? Who thought a western game could be this great. The world felt alive, damn near perfect save for some general weirdness.

  • I WANTED MORE CITADEL. Thats the only reason this is number 2.

  • TF2 with constant updates and a amazing community is still a threat even is 2010.

  • Now this game ate up some hours for me, I blazed through it and the DLC (which is still coming by the way if you like puzzle games get this its a scorcher.

  • Refined to the point of perfection. Could it be a swan song for Rock Band who knows but playing plastic instruments is sure fun.

  • Sleeper hit of the year award. Quirky little iOS game filled with in jokes. I LOVE IT

  • Hadn't touched a CIV game in years but man did this game deliver on all its promises 10 fold.

  • Hurray for someone doing something new in games. Fun little piece of game filled to the brim with charm.

  • Ghost chains are the name of the game and nothing matches the sound you get for nomming 30 of them little suckers in a row.

  • This game has a bad ending but you will get attached to the characters and care about them. Was not expecting this game to be a good as it is. Some control problems plague this game but still fun.