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Its my Birthday

So yeah, its my birthday..I am turning 20 today and in a lot of ways its kinda weird. When I was like 14 and such I used to think that people who were 20, 21 were old as hell and somehow I when I got to that age I would be very different. However, that is not the case, I am the same lazy ass I was at 14 lol...nothing much seems to have changed. On a more personal note, I would just like to say that 20 is the most useless age in cant do the stuff you can do at 21 and the only real difference between 19 and 20 is that you are not a teen anymore. So in reality the only thing that happens at 20 is you get to enjoy your last few years of being able to do whatever the hell you want before being pushed out to face the realities of the and shit like that :( 

So yeah thats my 2 cents on this subject